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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sedona Poetry Slam, bout one

Total Scores

Portland Poetry Slam, Portland Ore.1111.1
Red Dirt Poetry Slam, Oklahoma, Okla.2109
Sedona Poetry Slam, Sedona, Ariz.3108.3
MO Poetry Slam Springfield, Springfield, Mo.4106.1
Rotation: 1
Team Performer Group Score
Red Dirt Poetry Slam Michael Pearce 25.80
MO Poetry Slam Springfield Gretchen Teague 25.50
Portland Poetry Slam Doc Luben 28.20
Sedona Poetry Slam Valence 27.30
Rotation: 2
Team Performer Group Score
Portland Poetry Slam Group 27.20
Red Dirt Poetry Slam Grae Rose 26.70
Sedona Poetry Slam Josh Wiss 26.00
MO Poetry Slam Springfield Amber Culbertson-Faegre 26.70
Rotation: 3
Team Performer Group Score
Red Dirt Poetry Slam Rob Sturma 27.80
Sedona Poetry Slam Evan Dissinger 26.80
Portland Poetry Slam Will Stanford 27.80
MO Poetry Slam Springfield Group 27.30
Rotation: 4
Team Performer Group Score
MO Poetry Slam Springfield Michelle Nimmo 26.60
Sedona Poetry Slam Frank O'Brien 28.20
Red Dirt Poetry Slam Melissa May 28.70
Portland Poetry Slam Samantha Peterson 27.90

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