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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dan Seaman, "Side of the Road"

"Side of the Road" is some daydreaming about recently-old relationships and moving along on a long uninterrupted wide-open-country motorcycle trip to Redstone, Colo. danseamanfmx/localafprods music:

Friday, September 22, 2023

Sedona Poetry Slam returns for 15th season on Saturday, Oct. 7

The Sedona Poetry Slam returns for its 15th season Saturday, Oct. 7. Performance poets will bring high-energy, competitive spoken word to the Mary D. Fisher Theatre starting at 7:30 p.m. 

A poetry slam is like a series of high-energy, three-minute one-person plays, judged by the audience. Anyone can sign up to compete in the slam for the $75 grand prize and $25 second-place prize. 

To compete in the slam, poets will need three original poems, each lasting no longer than three minutes. No props, costumes nor musical accompaniment are permitted. The poets are judged Olympics-style by five members of the audience selected at random at the beginning of the slam.

Slam poetry is an art form that allows written page poets to share their work alongside theatrical performers, hip-hop artists and lyricists. Poets come from as far away as Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, competing against adult poets from Sedona and Cottonwood, college poets from Northern Arizona University and youth poets from Sedona Red Rock High School. All types of poetry are welcome on the stage, from street-wise hip-hop and narrative performance poems, to political rants and introspective confessionals. Any poem is a "slam" poem if performed in a competition. All poets get three minutes per round to entertain and inspire the audience with their creativity.

The Mary D. Fisher Theatre is located at 2030 W. SR 89A, Suite A-3, in West Sedona. Tickets are $12. For tickets, call 282-1177 or visit

The next poetry slam of the season will be held on Saturday, Jan. 13, featuring R.J. Walker, of Salt Lake City. Subsequent slams will be on Saturdays Feb. 3; March 9; April 13, featuring Briana Grace Hammerstrom of Portland. Ore., by way of Flagstaff, May 11 and finally on June 8.

The prize money is funded in part by a donation from Verde Valley poetry supporters Jeanne and Jim Freeland.

Email to sign up early to compete or by the Friday before the slam or at the door the day of the slam. Poets who want to compete should purchase a ticket in case the roster is filled before they arrive. 

For more information, visit or 

For a full list of slam poetry events in Arizona, visit

What is Poetry Slam? 

Founded at the Green Mill Tavern in Chicago in 1984 by Marc Smith, poetry slam is a competitive artistic sport designed to get people who would otherwise never go to a poetry reading excited about the art form when it becomes a high-energy competition. Poetry slams are judged by five randomly chosen members of the audience who assign numerical value to individual poets' contents and performances.

Poetry slam has become an international artistic sport, with more than 100 major poetry slams in the United States, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. Slam poets have opened at the Winter Olympics, performed at the White House and at the United Nations General Assembly and were featured on "Russell Simmons' Def Poets" on HBO.

Sedona has sent four-poet teams to represent the city at the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, N.C., Boston, Cambridge, Mass., Oakland, Calif., Decatur, Ga., Denver and Chicago.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

"Lessons I Learned From Selena" by Gigi Bella, at Project X, Bronx N.Y.

"Lessons I Learned From Selena" by Gigi Bella, at Project X, Bronx N.Y. is a simple yet powerful platform for you to find live spoken word venues near you and watch slam poetry performance videos from around the world

Follow Gigi Bella at: @gigibellag

Filmed at Project X in Bronx NY:

Sunday, September 3, 2023

"OCD" by Neil Hilborn


by Neil Hilborn

The first time I saw her,
Everything in my head went quiet.
All the ticks, all the constantly refreshing images just disappeared.
When you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you don’t really get quiet moments.
Even in bed, I’m thinking:
Did I lock the doors? Yes.
Did I wash my hands? Yes.
Did I lock the doors? Yes.
Did I wash my hands? Yes.
But when I saw her, the only thing I could think about was the hairpin curve of her lips.
Or the eyelash on her cheek—
the eyelash on her cheek—
the eyelash on her cheek.
I knew I had to talk to her.
I asked her out six times in thirty seconds.
She said yes after the third one, but none of them felt right, so I had to keep going.
On our first date, I spent more time organizing my meal by color than I did eating it, or talking to her.
But she loved it.
She loved that I had to kiss her goodbye sixteen times or twenty-four times at different times of the day.
She loved that it took me forever to walk home because there are lots of cracks on our sidewalk.
When we moved in together, she said she felt safe, like no one would ever rob us because I definitely lock the door eighteen times.
I’d always watch her mouth when she talked—
when she talked—
when she talked—
when she talked;
when she said she loved me, her mouth would curl up at the edges.
At night, she’d lay in bed and watch me turn all the lights off.
And on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off.
She’d close her eyes and imagine that the days and nights were passing in front of her.
But then.
She said I was taking up too much of her time.
That I couldn’t kiss her goodbye so much because I was making her late for work.
When she said she loved me, her mouth was a straight line. When I stopped in front of a crack in the sidewalk, she just kept walking.
And last week she started sleeping at her mother’s place.
She told me that she shouldn’t have let me get so attached to her; that this whole thing was a mistake, but.
How can it be a mistake that I don’t have to wash my hands after I touch her?
Love is not a mistake, and it’s killing me that she can run away from this and I just can’t.
I can’t go out and find someone new because I always think of her.
Usually, when I obsess over things, I see germs sneaking into my skin.
I see myself crushed by an endless succession of cars.
And she was the first beautiful thing I ever got stuck on.
I want to wake up every morning thinking about the way she holds her steering wheel.
How she turns shower knobs like she opening a safe.
How she blows out candles—
blows out candles—
blows out candles—
blows out candles—
blows out—
Now, I just think about who else is kissing her.
I can’t breathe because he only kisses her once -
He doesn’t care if it’s perfect!
I want her back so bad,
I leave the door unlocked.
I leave the lights on.

Neil Hilborn

Website | Instagram @neilicorn | Facebook @neilhilborn | Twitter @neilicorn

Get Neil’s book, THE FUTURE:

Neil Hilborn is a College National Poetry Slam champion, and a 2011 graduate with honors from Macalester College with a degree in Creative Writing. He has two full-length collections of poetry: Our Numbered Days (Button Poetry, 2015) and The Future (Button Poetry, 2018). His chapbook, Clatter is also available.

Neil was a member of the 2011 Macalester Poetry Slam team, which ranked first in the nation at the 2011 College National Poetry Slam. He co-coached the 2012 Macalester team, leading them to a second place finish nationally. He was also a member of the Minneapolis adult National Poetry Slam team in 2011, which placed 5th out of 80 teams from cities across the country at the adult National Poetry Slam. He is the co-founder of Thistle, a Macalester literary magazine, and has run numerous writing workshops with college and high school students. His work has been featured in publications such as Borderline Magazine and Orange Quarterly.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

"In Which I Do Not Fear Harvey Dent" by Brenna Twohy


"In Which I Do Not Fear Harvey Dent" by Brenna Twohy

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Button Poetry is committed to developing a coherent and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for spoken word and performance poetry.

We seek to showcase the power and diversity of voices in our community. By encouraging and broadcasting the best and brightest performance poets of today, we hope to broaden poetry's audience, to expand its reach and develop a greater level of cultural appreciation for the art form.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Hanif Abdurraqib, poet and 2021 MacArthur Fellow

Hanif Abdurraqib is a poet, essayist, and cultural critic from Columbus, Ohio. His poetry has been published in Muzzle, Vinyl, PEN American, and various other journals. 

His essays and music criticism have been published in The FADER, Pitchfork, The New Yorker, and The New York 

Times. His first full length poetry collection, The Crown Ain't Worth Much, was released in June 2016 from Button Poetry. It was named a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Book Prize, and was nominated for a Hurston-Wright Legacy Award. With Big Lucks, he released a limited edition chapbook, Vintage Sadness, in summer 2017 (you cannot get it anymore and he is very sorry.) 

"All Of The Ways I've Kept Myself Alive"  by Hanif Abdurraqib

His first collection of essays, They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, was released in winter 2017 by Two Dollar Radio and was named a book of the year by Buzzfeed, Esquire, NPR, Oprah Magazine, Paste, CBC, The Los Angeles Review, Pitchfork, and The Chicago Tribune, among others. 

His second collection of poems, A Fortune For Your Disaster, was released in 2019 by Tin House, and won the 2020 Lenore Marshall Prize. 

He released Go Ahead In The Rain: Notes To A Tribe Called Quest with University of Texas press in February 2019. The book became a New York Times Bestseller, was a finalist for the Kirkus Prize, and was longlisted for the National Book Award. 

In 2021, he released the book A Little Devil In America with Random House, which was a finalist for the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the The PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay. 

The book won the 2022 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction and the Gordon Burn Prize. Hanif is a graduate of Beechcroft High School.

"A Poem In Which No Black People Are Dead"
by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib


"Some I Love Who are Dead" by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

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"Ok, I'm Finally Ready To Say Sorry For That One Summer" by Hanif Abdurraqib

Hanif Abdurraqib

Music Critic, Essayist, and Poet | Class of 2021

Forging a distinctive style of cultural and artistic criticism through the lens of popular music and autobiography.


Hanif Abdurraqib is a music critic, essayist, and poet using the lens of popular music to examine the broader culture that produces and consumes it. With an intimate and welcoming writing style that establishes an immediate connection with readers, he blends autobiography, social history, and keen insights into specific technical and emotional aspects of a song, an album, or a performance.

Many of the essays in Abdurraqib’s first collection, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us (2017), grew out of reviews and articles he wrote while a journalist; taken together, they form a deeply personal consideration of self-identity and the continued suffering inflicted on Black bodies at the hands of police and others. For example, he writes about attending a Bruce Springsteen concert days after visiting a memorial for Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and struggling to reconcile his technical appreciation of the music with the racialized and gendered stories told by the lyrics. In his book Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to A Tribe Called Quest (2019), Abdurraqib traces the three-decade history of the pioneering hip-hop group and its impact within the larger hip-hop movement. He writes with clear affection for the group, and his assessment of the social and political atmosphere in which it operated includes reflections on how those same forces shaped his childhood and his experience of the music. Some sections are stylized as personal letters directed to members of the group, while others analyze its shifting aesthetic practices, such as how and why their wide-ranging use of sampling in early releases was later curtailed. Abdurraqib delves more deeply into historical research for his most recent book, A Little Devil in America: Notes in Praise of Black Performance (2021). His thought-provoking observations on key artists and cultural moments in music, film, dance, and comedy—ranging from William Henry Lane, a nineteenth-century minstrel dancer who performed for White audiences in blackface, to Beyoncé’s 2016 Super Bowl appearance and the dance and music television show Soul Train—form a focused analysis of Blackness and a celebration of Black identity. Abdurraqib uses particular events and personal experiences, such as a live performance by a Black punk band or reminiscences about Wu Tang Clan, to explore themes such as Black anger and the entertainment industry’s long history of exploiting and abusing Black artists.

In addition to his writing on music, Abdurraqib is a noted poet. Pop culture and music feature heavily in his poetry, which ranges across subjects both personal and public and addresses themes of race, class, and the politics of our present moment. Omnivorous in his influences and prolific in his output, Abdurraqib is forging a new form of cultural criticism, one that is informed by lived experience and offers incisive social and artistic critiques.

"At My First Punk Rock Show Ever" by Hanif Abdurraqib

performing at Camp Bar in Saint Paul, MN.

About Button Poetry:

Button Poetry is committed to developing a coherent and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for spoken word and performance poetry.

We seek to showcase the power and diversity of voices in our community. By encouraging and broadcasting the best and brightest performance poets of today, we hope to broaden poetry's audience, to expand its reach and develop a greater level of cultural appreciation for the art form.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

"It's A Lot" by Jon Sands

"It's A Lot" by Jon Sands

reading at Berl's Poetry Shop in Brooklyn, December 12th, 2018. 

Jon Sands is a winner of the 2018 National Poetry Series, selected for his second book, It's Not Magic (Beacon Press, 2019). He is also the author of The New Clean, and the co-host of The Poetry Gods Podcast. His work has been featured in the New York Times and anthologized in The Best American Poetry. He teaches a weekly writing workshop for adults at Bailey House in East Harlem (an HIV/AIDS service center), and has represented New York City multiple times at the National Poetry Slam. He lives in Brooklyn. 

Order Jon's book, It's Not Magic, winner of the 2018 National Poetry Series, here: 



Barnes & Noble:

Saturday, August 5, 2023

"Tryouts" (Motionpoems) by Gary Jackson

 Feb 12, 2018
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About Button:

Button Poetry is committed to developing a coherent and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for spoken word and performance poetry.

We seek to showcase the power and diversity of voices in our community. By encouraging and broadcasting the best and brightest performance poets of today, we hope to broaden poetry's audience, to expand its reach and develop a greater level of cultural appreciation for the art form.

Monday, July 31, 2023

"Medulla Linguae" by Christopher Fox Graham

"Medulla Linguae" 

by Christopher Fox Graham

Da mihi stigmata
altius quam pellis
super ossa mea spina
super omnes vertebras
in omni lingua humana
Threicae eorum verbum pro "poetica"
ut nulla lingua amplius sentiat aliena;
ut quaelibet vox humana
potest loqui verbum in me

Sit arabica et hebraica
sit iuxta sine lapidibus
Sit Cantonese et Hindi characteribus
link manibus tenere Swahili et Hutu in tabernaculum unius noctis
Vasca et Zuluensis et tandem tactus labia Vietnamica
dum Navajo caput in humero Malaeiae reclinat

loquimur sex milia linguarum
sed dolorem tempusque patiar
nulla vox humana potest loqui ad me
quin filtrum
ad os

African syllabis fiat
spatium communicare cum articulationibus Europaeis;
Asian morphemes,
and Aboriginal pronunciations;

aciem et sculpes eos
sicut organicum barcode in Braille
readable vermibus qui aliquando convertunt me
ad religionem pulvis et cinis
ut semel crediderunt
ante hunc cultum carnis et sanguinis
nos de luto
ludere brevis characteres in pluvia

gustent saporem verborum nostrorum
deficiant poetica
et redde terram
sic terra potest sentire gravitatem verborum nostrorum
et ne obliviscaris nos
cum extincti sumus
sicut species ante nos

ultimum verbum scindendi
in codice morse
ad basis meae spina
ut i
in coxis Cum dormies
.--. --- . .-. -.--
sit dots et inliditque propagationem
per omnia ossa mea in virum comprehensionis
si vocem perdam
Non possum etiam dicere verbum
percussoque digitos meos;
terebat tympanum
aut mutantur ictum ictum meae pulsatio
loqui cum sanguine


sex milia linguarum
ludens spina mea
in 33-part Concordia
concentus me
cum melodiam quod sonat
medulla spinalis meum
resonans in cuniculo et prolixius tendebatur
amplificandae compositionis musicam
omnia ut basis mea cerebri
ubi detonates
et resonat in medio cranii
sex milia noua
ad idem verbum
per voces sex billion cantores
in sex trillion cogitationes
donec capere non possum amplius chao
et cantus eorum explodit a labiis meis

offerens mundo
momento synchronised intellectus
unius carmen
unius vocis
unius viri
unius instant

ante mundum blinks
perdidit focus
et audit resonare
tardius deficiet

sed recordatus est
poeticae nostrae

Sunday, July 30, 2023

"Wika ng Gulugod" by Christopher Fox Graham

"Wika ng Gulugod"

by Christopher Fox Graham

bigyan mo ako ng tattoo
mas malalim pa sa balat
sa buto ng aking gulugod
papunta sa ibabaw ng bawat vertebrae
sa bawat wika ng tao
tattoo ang kanilang salita para sa 
upang walang wikang makadama ng banyaga;
upang ang bawat tinig ng tao
makapagsalita ng salita sa akin

hayaan ang Arabe at Hebreo
magkatabi sa upuan na hindi binabato
hayaan ang mga character na Cantonese at Hindi
mag link ng mga kamay upang hawakan ang Swahili at Hutu sa isang hammock
hayaan mo na lang si Basque at Zulu sa wakas na makahawak ng lips Vietnamese
habang ang Navajo ay nakasandal ang ulo nito sa balikat ng Malay

anim na libong wika ang ating sinasalita
Pero tiisin ko ang sakit at panahon
kaya walang boses ng tao ang makapagsasalita sa akin
nang hindi nadarama
pababa sa buto

hayaan ang mga syllables ng Africa
ibahagi ang espasyo sa European articulations,
Mga morpema ng Asya,
at mga pagbigkas ng mga Aboriginal,

pumila sila at mag ukit
tulad ng isang organic barcode na nakasulat sa Braille
mababasa ng mga uod na balang araw ay mag convert ako pabalik
sa relihiyong alabok at abo
na minsan ay naniwala tayo
bago ang kultong ito ng laman at dugo
inilabas kami mula sa putik
upang gumanap ng maikling tauhan sa ulan

hayaan mo silang tikman ang lasa ng ating mga salita
hayaan mo silang ubusin ang tula
at ibalik sa lupa
para maramdaman ng lupa ang bigat ng ating mga salita
at huwag mo kaming kalimutan
kapag tayo ay naglaho
tulad ng species sa harap natin

mag ukit ng huling salita
sa morse code
sa paanan ng aking gulugod
para marinig ko ang ritmo ng salita
sa balakang ko pag natutulog ako
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
hayaan ang mga tuldok at dashes kumalat
sa buong lahat ng aking mga buto sa isang virus ng pag unawa
Kaya kung mawala ang boses ko
Nakakapagsalita pa rin ako ng isang salita
sa pagtapik sa aking mga daliri,
kumakabog ng drum
o binabago ang ritmo ng tibok ng puso ko
upang magsalita sa aking dugo

imagine mo na lang

anim na libong wika
naglalaro ng aking gulugod
sa 33-bahaging pagkakasundo
paggawa ng symphony sa akin
may himig na nagbabanyuhay
up ang spinal cord ko
palakas ng palakas ang pag alingawngaw sa lagusan
amplifying ang compounding musika
hanggang sa base ng utak ko
saan ito nagpapasabog
at resonates sa loob ng bungo ko
anim na libong bagong ekspresyon
para sa iisang salita
sa tinig ng anim na bilyong mang aawit
sa anim na trilyong kaisipan ko
hanggang sa hindi ko na kayang tumagal ng gulo
at sumasabog ang kanta nila sa aking mga labi

pag aalay ng mundo
isang sandali ng synchronized na pag unawa
ng isang kanta
ng isang tinig
ng isang tao
para sa isang iglap

bago pa man dumilat ang mundo
nawawalan ng focus
at nakikinig sa echo
unti unti nang nalalabo

pero naaalala 
ang tunog 
ng ating mga tula

Saturday, July 29, 2023

"মেরুদণ্ডের ভাষা" By Christopher Fox Graham

Photo courtesy of Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

"মেরুদণ্ডের ভাষা" 

By Christopher Fox Graham

আমাকে একটি ট্যাটু দাও
ত্বকের চেয়েও গভীর
আমার মেরুদণ্ডের হাড়ের উপর
প্রতিটি কশেরুকার পৃষ্ঠে
প্রতিটি মানুষের ভাষায়
ট্যাটু তাদের শব্দের জন্য 
যাতে কোনো ভাষাই আর বিদেশী মনে না হয়;
যাতে প্রতিটি মানুষের কণ্ঠস্বর
আমার মধ্যে একটি শব্দ বলতে পারে

আরবি এবং হিব্রু
পাথর নিক্ষেপ না করে পাশাপাশি বসুন
ক্যান্টোনিজ এবং হিন্দি অক্ষরগুলি ছেড়ে দিন
সোয়াহিলি এবং হুতুকে হ্যামকে ধরে রাখতে হাত সংযুক্ত করুন
বাস্ক এবং জুলুকে অবশেষে ঠোঁট স্পর্শ করতে দিন ভিয়েতনামী
যখন নাভাজো মালয়ের কাঁধে মাথা রাখে

আমরা ছয় হাজার ভাষায় কথা বলি
কিন্তু আমি ব্যথা এবং সময় সহ্য করব
সুতরাং কোনও মানুষের কণ্ঠ আমার সাথে কথা বলতে পারে না
অনুভব না করে
হাড়ের নীচে

আফ্রিকান অক্ষরগুলি লিখুন
ইউরোপীয় উচ্চারণের সাথে স্থান ভাগ করুন,
এশিয়ান মর্ফিম,
এবং আদিবাসী উচ্চারণ,

তাদের সারিবদ্ধ করুন এবং তাদের খোদাই করুন
যেমন ব্রেইলে লেখা একটি জৈব বারকোড
কৃমি দ্বারা পাঠযোগ্য যা একদিন আমাকে আবার রূপান্তরিত করবে
ধুলো ও ছাইয়ের ধর্ম
যা আমরা একসময় বিশ্বাস করেছিলাম
মাংস এবং রক্তের এই সম্প্রদায়ের আগে
কাদামাটি থেকে আমাদের বের করে এনেছি
বৃষ্টিতে সংক্ষিপ্ত চরিত্রে অভিনয় করা

তাদেরকে আমাদের শব্দের স্বাদ নিতে দিন
তাদের কবিতা খেতে দিন
এবং এটি মাটিতে ফিরিয়ে দিন
যাতে পৃথিবী আমাদের কথার ওজন অনুভব করতে পারে
এবং আমাদের ভুলে যেও না
যখন আমরা নিজেদের বিলুপ্ত করি
যেমন আমাদের সামনের প্রজাতি

শেষ কথাটি লিখুন
মোর্স কোডে
আমার মেরুদণ্ডের গোড়ায়
যাতে আমি শব্দের ছন্দ শুনতে পারি
আমি যখন ঘুমাই তখন আমার পোঁদে
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
বিন্দু এবং দাগ ছড়িয়ে দিন
বোঝার ভাইরাসে আমার সমস্ত হাড় জুড়ে
সুতরাং আমি যদি আমার কণ্ঠস্বর হারিয়ে ফেলি
আমি এখনও একটি শব্দ বলতে পারি
আমার আঙ্গুলগুলি ট্যাপ করে,
একটি ড্রাম বাজানো
অথবা আমার হৃদস্পন্দনের ছন্দ পরিবর্তন করা
আমার রক্ত দিয়ে কথা বলা

কল্পনা করুন

ছয় হাজার ভাষা
আমার মেরুদণ্ড খেলছে
৩৩-পর্বের সম্প্রীতিতে
আমার একটি সিম্ফনি তৈরি করা
একটি সুর যা প্রতিধ্বনিত হয়
আমার মেরুদণ্ডের উপরে
সুড়ঙ্গে আরও জোরে এবং জোরে প্রতিধ্বনিত হচ্ছে
যৌগিক সঙ্গীতকে প্রসারিত করা
আমার মস্তিষ্কের গোড়ায় সমস্ত পথ
যেখানে এটি বিস্ফোরিত হয়
এবং আমার মাথার খুলির ভিতরে প্রতিধ্বনিত হয়
ছয় হাজার নতুন অভিব্যক্তি
একই শব্দের জন্য
ছয় বিলিয়ন গায়কের কণ্ঠে
আমার ছয় ট্রিলিয়ন চিন্তার মধ্যে
যতক্ষণ না আমি আর বিশৃঙ্খলা সহ্য করতে পারি না
এবং তাদের গান আমার ঠোঁট থেকে বিস্ফোরিত হয়

বিশ্বকে অফার করা
সিঙ্ক্রোনাইজড বোঝার একটি মুহূর্ত
একটি গান
এক কন্ঠ
একজন মানুষ
এক মুহূর্তের জন্য
পৃথিবী চোখের পলক ফেলার আগে
ফোকাস হারায়
এবং প্রতিধ্বনি শোনে
ধীরে ধীরে ম্লান হয়ে যায়
কিন্তু মনে আছে 

আমাদের কবিতা

"Merudander Bhasha"

By Christopher Fox Graham

amake ekti tattoo dao
toker cheyeo gabhir
amar merudander hader upper
protiti kasherukar prishthe
protiti manusher vashay
tattoo tader sobder jonno
jate kono vasha ar bideshi mane na hoy;
jate protiti manusher kanthaswar
amar modhye ekti shobdo bolte pare

arbi ebong hebrew
pathar nikshep na kare pashapashi basun
cantonese ebong hindi okkhorguli chede din
swahili ebong hutuke hamke dhore rakhte hat sanyukt karun
bask ebong juluke abosheshe thont sparsh karte din vietnami
jakhan navajo malayer kandhe matha rakhe

amra chhay hajar bhashay katha boli
kintu ami byatha ebong somoy sahya karab
sutaran kono manusher kontho amar sathe katha bolte pare na
anubhav na kare
hader niche

african okkhorguli likhun
europe uccharoner sathe sthan bhaag karun,
asian murphim,
ebong adivasi uccharon,

tader sariboddho karun ebong tader khodai karun
yeman brailey lekha ekti jaib barcode
krimi dwara pathyogya ya ekdin amake abar rupantarit karbe
dhulo o chair dharm
ya amra examoy biswas korechilam
mans ebong rokter ei sampradayer aage
kadamati theke amader ber kare enechi
brishtite sankhipto charitre abhinay kara

taderke amader sobder swad nite din
tader kobita khete din
ebong eti matite fire din
jate prithibi amader kathar ojon anubhav karate pare
ebong amader bhule jeo na
jakhan amra nijeder bilupto kori
yeman amader samner prajati

sesh kathati likhun
morse code
amar merudander goday
jate ami sobder chhondo shunte pari
ami jakhan ghumai takhan amar ponde
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
bindu ebong daag chadi din
bojhar viruse amar samast had jude
sutaran ami yadi amar kanthaswar hariye feli
ami ekhono ekti shobdo balte pari
amar angulguli tap kare,
ekti drum bajano
athaba amar hridaspandaner chhondo poriborton kora
amar rakta diye katha bala

kalpana karun

chhay hajar bhasha
amar merudanda khelche
e-porber sampritite
amar ekti symphony tairi kara
ekti sur ya pratidhwanito hoy
amar merudander upare
sudange aaro jore ebong jore pratidhwanito hachchhe
yogic sangitke prasarit kara
amar mostishker goday samast path
jekhane at bisforito hoy
ebong amar mathar khulir bhitare pratidhwanito hoy
chhay hajar natun abhibyakti
eki sobder jonno
chhoy billion gayker kanthe
amar chay trillion chintar modhye
yatakshan na ami ar bishrinkhala sahya karate pari na
ebong tader gaan amar thot theke bisforito hoy

biswake offer kara
synchronized bojhar ekti muhurt
ekti gaan
ek kantha
ekjon manush
ek muhurter jonno

prithibi chokher palak feller aage
focus haray
ebong pratidhwani shone
dhire dhire mlan hoye yay

kintu mone ache
amader kabita

Friday, July 28, 2023

"Мова Хребта" by Christopher Fox Graham

Потьомкінські сходи в Одесі, Україна

"Мова Хребта" 

by Christopher Fox Graham

Зробіть мені татуювання
глибше, ніж шкіра
на кістках мого хребта
на поверхню кожного хребця
на кожній людській мові
татуювання свого слова для 
щоб жодна мова більше не відчувала себе іноземною;
щоб кожен людський голос
може сказати слово в мені

нехай арабська та іврит
сидіти поруч, не кидаючи каміння,
нехай кантонські та хінді символи
зв'язати руки, щоб тримати суахілі і хуту в гамаку
нехай баски і зулу нарешті торкнуться губ в'єтнамців
в той час як Навахо спирається головою на плече малайця

Ми говоримо шістьма тисячами мов
Але я перетерплю біль і час
Отже, жоден людський голос не може говорити зі мною
не відчуваючись
аж до кісток,

нехай африканські склади
розділити простір з європейськими артикуляціями,
азіатські морфеми,
і вимова аборигенів,

Вирівняйте їх і вигравіруйте
як органічний штрих-код, написаний шрифтом Брайля
читається хробаками, які одного разу навернуть мене назад
до релігії пилу і попелу
в що ми колись вірили
До цього культ плоті і крові
вивели нас з глини
грати коротких персонажів під дощем

Нехай вони відчують смак наших слів
Нехай споживають поезію
і віддати його назад в грунт
Так земля може відчути вагу наших слів
І не забувайте про нас
коли ми вимираємо самі
як види до нас

Вирізати останнє слово
азбукою Морзе
біля основи мого хребта
щоб я міг почути ритм слова
в стегнах, коли я сплю
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
Нехай крапки і тире розтікаються,
по всіх моїх кістках у вірусі розуміння
Отже, якщо я втрачу голос
Я все ще можу сказати слово
постукуючи пальцями,
стукання барабана,
або зміна ритму серцебиття
говорити моєю кров'ю


шість тисяч мов
Гра в хребет
У 33-частинній гармонії
Створення симфонії про мене
з мелодією, яка відбивається
вгору по спинному мозку
все голосніше і голосніше лунає в тунелі
посилення складної музики
аж до основи мого мозку
де детонує
і резонує всередині мого черепа
шість тисяч нових виразів
за одне і те ж слово
з голосами шести мільярдів співаків
в мої шість трильйонів думок
поки я більше не зможу прийняти хаос
І їхня пісня вибухає з моїх вуст

Пропонуючи світові
Момент синхронного розуміння
однієї пісні
в один голос
однієї людини
на одну мить

Перш ніж світ блимне
втрачає фокус,
і слухає відлуння
повільно згасають,

але пам'ятає 
нашої поезії

"Mova Khrebta"

by Christopher Fox Graham

zrobit meni tatuyuvannya
gliebsche, nizh schkira
nah kistkach mogo khrebta
nah poverkhnyu kozhnogo khrebtsya
nah kozhniy ludski movy
tatuyuvannya svogo slova dlia
schob zodna mova bilse ne vidcuvala sebe inosemic;
schob kozhen ludski golos
mozhe skazati slovo vie meni

nechai arabic tha ivrit
siditi poruch, ne kidayuchi kaminnya,
nechai cantonese tha khindi symbol
zv'yazati ruki, schob trimati suakhili i khutu vie gamaku
nechai baski i zoulou naresti torknutsya goob vie'ethnamtsiv
vie toy chas iak navajo spirayetsya golovoyu nah plece malaytsia

mee govorimo shistma tisyachami mov
ale yo pereterplu biel i chas
otze, zhoden ludski golos ne mozhe govoriti zee mnoyu
ne vidcuvaiucis
age do kistok,

nechai africanism skladi
rozdiliti prostyre z evropeysky articulation,
asiaticus morphemi,
i vimova aborigeniv,

virivnaite ikh i vigraviruite
iak organic strich-code, napisany shriftom brile
chitayetsa khrobakami, yaki odnogo razo navernut mene nazad
do religia pilou i popelo
vie shcho mee kolis virili
do tsiogo kult ploti i krovi
vivelli nas z glini
grati korotkikh personage peed doshchem

nechai voni vidchuyut smak nashikh sliv
nechai spozhivayut poesiu
i viddati yogo nazad vie grunt
tak zemlya mozhe vidchuti vago nashikh sliv
i ne zabuvaite pro nas
colli mee vimirayemo sami
iak vidi do nas

virisati ostanne slovo
azbukoiu morse
bilya osnovi mogo khrebta
schob yo mig pochuti rhythm slova
vie stegnach, colli yo splyu
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
nechai krapki i tire roztikayutsya,
po vsikh moich kistkach ou virus rozuminnya
otze, yakshcho yo vtrachu golos
yo vse shche mozhu skazati slovo
postucuyuchi paltsyami,
stucande barabana,
abo zmina ritmu sertsebittya
govoriti moyeyu krov'yu


shist tisiach mov
gra vie khrebet
ou 33-chastinny garmonia
stvorennya symphony pro mene
z melodieu, yaka vidbivayetsya
vgoru po spinnomo mozku
vse golosnisheh i golosnisheh lunaie vie tuneli
posilenia skladnoy music
age do osnovi mogo mozku
day detonue
i rezonouey vseredini mogo cherepa
shist tisiach novikh viraziv
za audney i te zh slovo
z golosami sesti millardiv spivakiv
vie moi shist trilloniv dumok
pokey yo bilse ne zmozu priynaty khaos
i ikhnia pisnya vibukhayeh z moich voust

proponuuch svitovy
moment synchronic rozuminnya
odniei pisney
vie odin golos
odniei ludiny
nah odnu mit

persh nizh sveat blimne
vtrachaye focus,
i slukhayeh vidlunnya
povilno zgasayut,

ale pam'yataye
nashoi poesia

Thursday, July 27, 2023

"Ngôn Ngữ Cột Sống" by Christopher Fox Graham

Mặt trời chiếu lên ruộng bậc thang của những cánh đồng lúa ở phía tây bắc Việt Nam.

"Ngôn Ngữ Cột Sống" 

by Christopher Fox Graham

cho tôi một hình xăm
sâu hơn da
trên xương cột sống của tôi
lên bề mặt của mọi đốt sống
trong mỗi ngôn ngữ của con người
Hình xăm từ của họ cho 
để không có ngôn ngữ nào cảm thấy xa lạ nữa;
để mỗi tiếng nói của con người
có thể nói một lời trong tôi

hãy để tiếng Ả Rập và tiếng Do Thái
Ngồi cạnh nhau mà không ném đá
cho phép các ký tự tiếng Quảng Đông và tiếng Hindi
chắp tay ôm Swahili và Hutu trên võng
để tiếng Basque và Zulu cuối cùng chạm môi người Việt
trong khi Navajo tựa đầu vào vai người Mã Lai

Chúng ta nói sáu ngàn tiếng lạ
Nhưng tôi sẽ chịu đựng nỗi đau và thời gian
Vì vậy, không có giọng nói của con người có thể nói chuyện với tôi
mà không được cảm nhận
xuống xương

hãy để âm tiết châu Phi
chia sẻ không gian với các khớp nối châu Âu,
Hình thái châu Á,
và cách phát âm của thổ dân,

xếp chúng lại và khắc chúng
như mã vạch hữu cơ được viết bằng chữ nổi Braille
Có thể đọc được bởi những con sâu mà một ngày nào đó sẽ chuyển đổi tôi trở lại
đến tôn giáo của bụi và tro
mà chúng tôi đã từng tin tưởng
trước sự sùng bái máu thịt này
đưa chúng tôi ra khỏi đất sét
để đóng các nhân vật ngắn trong mưa

Hãy để họ nếm thử hương vị của lời nói của chúng tôi
Hãy để họ tiêu thụ thơ
và đưa nó trở lại đất
để trái đất có thể cảm nhận được sức nặng của lời nói của chúng ta
và đừng quên chúng tôi
Khi chúng ta tuyệt chủng chính mình
Giống như các loài trước chúng ta

Khắc từ cuối cùng
Trong mã Morse
ở đáy cột sống của tôi
để tôi có thể nghe thấy nhịp điệu của từ
ở hông khi tôi ngủ
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
Hãy để các dấu chấm và dấu gạch ngang lan rộng
trên tất cả các xương của tôi trong một virus của sự hiểu biết
Vì vậy, nếu tôi bị mất giọng
Tôi vẫn có thể nói một từ
bằng cách gõ ngón tay của tôi,
đập trống
hoặc thay đổi nhịp tim của tôi
để nói chuyện với máu của tôi

tưởng tượng

sáu ngàn lưỡi
Chơi cột sống của tôi
trong 33 phần hài hòa
Làm một bản giao hưởng của tôi
với giai điệu vang dội
lên tủy sống của tôi
vang vọng ngày càng to trong đường hầm
khuếch đại âm nhạc ghép
tất cả các cách để nền tảng của bộ não của tôi
nơi nó phát nổ
và cộng hưởng bên trong hộp sọ của tôi
Sáu ngàn biểu thức mới
cho cùng một từ
với giọng hát của sáu tỷ ca sĩ
vào sáu nghìn tỷ suy nghĩ của tôi
cho đến khi tôi không còn hỗn loạn nữa
Và bài hát của họ bùng nổ từ đôi môi của tôi

Cung cấp cho thế giới
Một khoảnh khắc của sự hiểu biết đồng bộ
của một bài hát
của một giọng nói
của một người đàn ông
trong một khoảnh khắc

Trước khi thế giới chớp mắt
mất tập trung
và lắng nghe tiếng vang
từ từ biến mất

Nhưng nhớ 
Âm thanh 
của thơ chúng ta

Sông Ngô Đồng và cánh đồng lúa ở Ninh Bình

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

"שפת עמוד השדרה" By Christopher Fox Graham

הרובע היהודי בירושלים

"שפת עמוד השדרה"

By Christopher Fox Graham

תן לי קעקוע
עמוק יותר מהעור
על עצמות עמוד השדרה שלי
על פני כל חוליה
בכל לשון אדם
קעקוע המילה שלהם עבור "שירה"
כדי שאף שפה לא תרגיש זרה יותר;
כך שכל קול אנושי
יכול לדבר בי מילה

לט ערבית ועברית
לשבת זה לצד זה בלי לזרוק אבנים
תן תווים קנטונזיים והינדיים
קשרו ידיים כדי להחזיק סווהילית והוטו בערסל
תנו לבסקית ולזולו לגעת סוף סוף בשפתיים וייטנאמית
בעוד נאוואחו מניח את ראשו על כתפו של מאלאי

אנחנו מדברים ששת אלפים לשונות
אבל אני אסבול את הכאב ואת הזמן
אז שום קול אנושי לא יכול לדבר איתי
בלי להיות מורגש
עד העצם

תן להברות אפריקאיות
לחלוק מרחב עם ביטויים אירופיים,
מורפמות אסיאתיות,
והגייה אבוריג'ינית,

העמידו אותם בשורה וחרטו אותם
כמו ברקוד אורגני שכתוב בכתב ברייל
קריא על ידי התולעים שיום אחד ימירו אותי בחזרה
לדת העפר והאפר
שפעם האמנו בו
לפני פולחן בשר ודם זה
הוציא אותנו מהחימר
כדי לשחק דמויות קצרות בגשם

תנו להם לטעום את טעם המילים שלנו
תנו להם לצרוך שירה
ולהחזיר אותו לאדמה
כדי שכדור הארץ יוכל להרגיש את משקל המילים שלנו
ולא לשכוח אותנו
כשאנחנו נכחדים
כמו המינים שלפנינו

לגלף את המילה האחרונה
בקוד מורס
בבסיס עמוד השדרה שלי
כדי שאוכל לשמוע את קצב המילה
בירכיים כשאני ישן
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
תן לנקודות ולמקפים להתפשט
על כל עצמותיי בווירוס של הבנה
אז אם אני מאבד את הקול שלי
אני עדיין יכול לומר מילה
על ידי הקשה על אצבעותיי,
דופק בתוף
או שינוי קצב פעימות הלב שלי
לדבר עם הדם שלי


ששת אלפים לשונות
משחק בעמוד השדרה שלי
בהרמוניה של 33 חלקים
לעשות סימפוניה ממני
עם מנגינה שמהדהדת
במעלה חוט השדרה שלי
מהדהדים חזק יותר ויותר במנהרה
הגברת המוזיקה המורכבת
כל הדרך לבסיס המוח שלי
היכן הוא מתפוצץ
ומהדהד בתוך הגולגולת שלי
ששת אלפים ביטויים חדשים
עבור אותה מילה
בקולותיהם של שישה מיליארד זמרים
לתוך ששת טריליון המחשבות שלי
עד שלא אוכל לשאת יותר תוהו ובוהו
והשיר שלהם מתפוצץ לי מהשפתיים

להציע לעולם
רגע של הבנה מסונכרנת
של שיר אחד
של קול אחד
של איש אחד
לרגע אחד

לפני שהעולם ממצמץ
מאבד ריכוז
ומקשיב להד
לאט לאט להתפוגג

אבל זוכר 
של השירה שלנו

tan lea kaqua
amuk extra moor
al asted amud hashdra shley
al fnea kul hulia
bal leson huamn
kaqua hamila shlahm hbor "shira"
order shaf shfe lo targish zra extra;
sic sense kol human
yakul ladber bi mila

let arabic hawarit
leshavah ze lizd ze bli lazrok avanim
tan twaim cantonseim windae
kashro game order lahazik suweilit vehoto barsel
tnu lebskit valzolo lagat suf suf bashaftaim vietnamese
baud navakho maniah at rasho al ketfu sal malay

anahno medverian sest alpim lashonot
ebl ani asbol at hachav wath hazman
az shum kol human lo yakul ladber ethi
bli geta moregas
ad hatzem

tan lahbras epricare
lahlock merkhav am bitoghy europians,
morphemose esiathic,
waghaia eborig'yanit,

hamido otham four vecharto otham
kamo barkod organic shechtov bechtev braille
cria al yedi hatolaim shiva ekhad yemiro shoot bahazra
ledat haper wahafer
shapaim hamno bo
lipni films bsar vedem ze
hutzia othno mahahimar
order leshak daming ktzarot bagsham

tnu lahm latkum at taste hamilim shalno
tnu lahm latzrok shira
welhahzir otho ladma
order shakhdor haarets mesian lahargish at miskel hamilim shalno
vala lochus othno
casanaheno nachadim
kamo haminim shalpanino

lagelf at hamila achrona
bacoud morse
babasis amud hashdra shley
order seokel leshmua at kacav hamila
birchaim kashani yeshen
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
tan lancudut wellmacpim lahtefsht
al kul emotei beviros sal havana
az im ani maabed at vocal shley
ani adin yakul lomer mila
al yedi hakasha al atsevaathi,
dupek betof
oh change kacav postees helb shley
ladber am hadam shley


sest alpim lashonot
mishak buamud hashdra shley
bharmony sal 33 halkim
unses symphoni mamni
am meneghina shemadahdat
bemala cord hashdra shley
mehadim hazak extra voter bemnara
hagavart hemusica anciduenta
kul hedrach lebsis afet shley
hichan hoa matfotz
wmahdad batuk golgolat shley
sest alpim bitoghy hadashim
hbor otha mila
bakulothiam sal shisha milliard zomerians
latuk sest trillion instality shley
ad shla soul lachat extra toho veboho
washir shlahm matfotz lea mahspations

lacy lawlam
raga sal havana mesvnkern
sal shir ekhad
sal kol ekhad
sal ish ekhad
larga ekhad

lipni sholem mematz
maabed richose
wamksiv lahad
lat lat latfogg

ebl zuchar
sal hashira shalno

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

"Lenguaje Espinal" by Christopher Fox Graham


"Lenguaje Espinal" 

by Christopher Fox Graham

Dame un tatuaje
más profundo que la piel
en los huesos de mi columna vertebral
en la superficie de cada vértebra
en cada lengua humana
tatuar su palabra para "poesía"
para que ningún idioma se sienta más extraño;
para que cada voz humana
puede decir una palabra en mí

que el árabe y el hebreo
Siéntate uno al lado del otro sin tirar piedras
dejar que los caracteres cantoneses e hindi
unir las manos para sostener swahili y hutu en una hamaca
dejar que vascos y zulúes finalmente toquen los labios vietnamitas
mientras que Navajo descansa su cabeza en el hombro de Malay

Hablamos seis mil lenguas
Pero soportaré el dolor y el tiempo
Así que ninguna voz humana puede hablarme
sin ser sentido
hasta el hueso

dejar sílabas africanas
compartir espacio con articulaciones europeas,
Morfemas asiáticos,
y pronunciaciones aborígenes,

Alinearlos y grabarlos
como un código de barras orgánico escrito en Braille
legible por los gusanos que un día me convertirán de nuevo
a la religión del polvo y la ceniza
en el que creímos una vez
Antes de este culto de carne y hueso
nos sacó de la arcilla
para interpretar personajes breves bajo la lluvia

Que prueben el sabor de nuestras palabras
Que consuman poesía
y devolverlo al suelo
para que la tierra pueda sentir el peso de nuestras palabras
y no nos olvides
Cuando nos extinguimos
como las especies anteriores a nosotros

Tallar la última palabra
En código Morse
en la base de mi columna vertebral
para que pueda escuchar el ritmo de la palabra
en mis caderas cuando duermo
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
Deja que los puntos y los guiones se extiendan
a través de todos mis huesos en un virus de comprensión
Así que si pierdo mi voz
Todavía puedo decir una palabra
tocando mis dedos,
golpeando un tambor
o cambiar el ritmo de los latidos de mi corazón
para hablar con mi sangre


Seis mil lenguas
tocando mi columna vertebral
en armonía de 33 partes
Haciendo una sinfonía de mí
con una melodía que reverbera
subir mi médula espinal
Resonando cada vez más fuerte en el túnel
Amplificar la música compuesta
todo el camino hasta la base de mi cerebro
donde detona
y resuena dentro de mi cráneo
Seis mil nuevas expresiones
para la misma palabra
con las voces de seis mil millones de cantantes
en mis seis billones de pensamientos
hasta que no pueda soportar más caos
y su canción explota de mis labios

Ofreciendo el mundo
Un momento de comprensión sincronizada
de una canción
de una sola voz
de un hombre
por un instante

Antes de que el mundo parpadee
pierde el enfoque
y escucha el eco
desvanecerse lentamente

pero recuerda 
el sonido 
de nuestra poesía

Monday, July 24, 2023

"Νωτιαία Γλώσσα" by Chrisopher Fox Graham

Η 24η Ιουλίου 1974 σηματοδότησε την αποκατάσταση της δημοκρατίας στην Ελλάδα μετά από επτά χρόνια στρατιωτικής δικτατορίας. Το πραξικόπημα του 1967 είχε ως αποτέλεσμα μια μακρά περίοδο φόβου, διώξεων, καταπάτησης προσωπικών και πολιτικών δικαιωμάτων, δυσπιστίας και αστάθειας. Κάθε χρόνο, η ημέρα της Αποκατάστασης της Δημοκρατίας γιορτάζεται με δεξίωση που πραγματοποιείται στο Προεδρικό Μέγαρο στην Αθήνα.

"Νωτιαία Γλώσσα"

by Chrisopher Fox Graham

δώσε μου ένα τατουάζ
βαθύτερο από το δέρμα
στα οστά της σπονδυλικής μου στήλης
στην επιφάνεια κάθε σπονδύλου
σε κάθε ανθρώπινη γλώσσα
τατουάζ λέξη τους για 
έτσι ώστε καμία γλώσσα να μην αισθάνεται ξένη πια.
έτσι ώστε κάθε ανθρώπινη φωνή
μπορεί να πει μια λέξη μέσα μου

ας Αραβικά και Εβραϊκά
Καθίστε δίπλα-δίπλα χωρίς να πετάξετε πέτρες
αφήστε τους καντονέζικους και χίντι χαρακτήρες
ενώνουν τα χέρια για να κρατήσουν τα σουαχίλι και τους χούτου σε μια αιώρα
αφήστε τους Βάσκους και τους Ζουλού να αγγίξουν τελικά τα χείλη του Βιετνάμ
ενώ ο Ναβάχο ακουμπά το κεφάλι του στον ώμο της Μαλαισίας

Μιλάμε έξι χιλιάδες γλώσσες
Αλλά θα υπομείνω τον πόνο και το χρόνο
Έτσι καμία ανθρώπινη φωνή δεν μπορεί να μου μιλήσει
χωρίς να γίνεται αισθητός
μέχρι το κόκκαλο

αφήστε τις αφρικανικές συλλαβές
να μοιράζονται χώρο με τις ευρωπαϊκές αρθρώσεις,
Ασιατικά μορφήματα,
και προφορές των Αβορίγινων,

Ευθυγραμμίστε τα και χαράξτε τα
σαν οργανικός γραμμωτός κώδικας γραμμένος σε γραφή Braille
αναγνώσιμο από τα σκουλήκια που μια μέρα θα με μετατρέψουν πίσω
στη θρησκεία της σκόνης και της στάχτης
που πιστέψαμε κάποτε
Πριν από αυτή τη λατρεία της σάρκας και του αίματος
μας έβγαλε από πηλό
για να παίξετε σύντομους χαρακτήρες στη βροχή

Ας γευτούν τη γεύση των λέξεων μας
Αφήστε τους να καταναλώσουν ποίηση
και δώστε το πίσω στο έδαφος
Έτσι η γη μπορεί να αισθανθεί το βάρος των λόγων μας
και να μην μας ξεχνάμε
όταν εξαφανιζόμαστε
όπως τα είδη πριν από εμάς

Χαράξτε την τελευταία λέξη
Σε κώδικα Μορς
στη βάση της σπονδυλικής μου στήλης
για να ακούσω το ρυθμό της λέξης
στους γοφούς μου όταν κοιμάμαι
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
Αφήστε τις κουκκίδες και τις παύλες να εξαπλωθούν
σε όλα τα οστά μου σε έναν ιό κατανόησης
Έτσι, αν χάσω τη φωνή μου
Μπορώ ακόμα να πω μια λέξη
χτυπώντας τα δάχτυλά μου,
χτυπώντας ένα τύμπανο
ή αλλάζοντας το ρυθμό του καρδιακού παλμού μου
να μιλήσω με το αίμα μου


έξι χιλιάδες γλώσσες
Παίζοντας τη σπονδυλική μου στήλη
σε αρμονία 33 μερών
Κάνοντας μια συμφωνία μου
με μια μελωδία που αντηχεί
μέχρι το νωτιαίο μυελό μου
αντηχώντας όλο και πιο δυνατά στη σήραγγα
ενίσχυση της σύνθετης μουσικής
μέχρι τη βάση του εγκεφάλου μου
όπου εκρήγνυται
και αντηχεί μέσα στο κρανίο μου
Έξι χιλιάδες νέες εκφράσεις
για την ίδια λέξη
με τις φωνές έξι δισεκατομμυρίων τραγουδιστών
στις έξι τρισεκατομμύρια σκέψεις μου
μέχρι να μπορέσω να μην αντέξω άλλο χάος
και το τραγούδι τους εκρήγνυται από τα χείλη μου

προσφέροντας τον κόσμο
Μια στιγμή συγχρονισμένης κατανόησης
ενός τραγουδιού
μιας φωνής
ενός ανθρώπου
για μια στιγμή

πριν ο κόσμος αναβοσβήνει
χάνει την εστίαση
και ακούει την ηχώ
σιγά-σιγά ξεθωριάζουν

αλλά θυμάται 
Ο ήχος 
της ποίησής μας

"Notiaia Glossa"

by Chrisopher Fox Graham

dose mia ein tattoos
bathyter apo to derma
stou osta ths spondylic mia steles
sten epiphania kathe spondylou
so kathe anthropine glossa
tattoos lexi these gia
etsi aste kamia glossa nha mhn esthanetai xeni pia.
etsi aste kathe anthropine phoni
mporei nha pei mia lexi mesha mia

as arabic kai evraika
kathiste dipla-dipla choris nha petaxete petres
afiste these cantonese kai kindi charachters
enonoun ta car gia nha kratisoun ta swachili kai these khutu so mia aiora
afiste these basques kai these zulu nha agixun telika ta cail the bietnam
uno aux navajo akoumpa to kefali the ston omo ths malaysias

milame exi kilos glosses
allow t ypomeino ton pain kai to chrono
etsi kamia anthropine phoni den mporei nha mia milisei
choris nha ginete aesthetus
mechri to kokkalo

afiste these african syllaves
nha moirazontai car me these europes arthroseis,
asiatic morphemes,
kai prophoration than aboriginal,

euthygrammine ta kai charaxte ta
shan organic grammotos codex gramenos so grafi Braille
anagnosimos apo ta skoulikia pou mia mera t me metatrepsun piso
sti threskeia ths skonis kai ths stachtis
pou pistepsame capote
prima apo ayti the latria ths sarkas kai the aematus
mas evgale apo pilo
gia nha paixete syntomous charachters sti broche

as geutoun the geusi than lexeon mas
afiste these nha katanalosoun poesy
kai doste to piso sto edafos
etsi iii gi mporei nha aisthanthei to baros than logon mas
kai nha mhn mas xechname
otan exaphane
opos ta eidh prima apo emas

charaxte then teleytaia lexi
so codice morse
sti bazi ths spondylic mia steles
gia nha akouso to rythm ths lexis
stous gofous mia otan kimamai
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
afiste these koukkides kai these paules nha expand
so all ta osta mia so enan io katanoisis
etsi, anne khaso the phoni mia
mporo akoma nha pau mia lexi
chtypontas ta dachtyla mia,
chtypontas ein tympanum
a allazontas to rythm the cardiac palmou mia
nha miliso me to aima mia


exi kilos glosses
paizontas the spondylic mia stele
so armonia 33 meron
canonds mia symphony mia
me mia melody pou antekhei
mechri to notiaio myelo mia
antichontas whole kai pio dynata sti siragga
enischysi ths synthetic mousikis
mechri the bazi the egkefalou mia
opou ekrignytai
kai antekhei mesha sto kranio mia
exi kilos news expression
gia then idia lexi
me these fones exi disecatomuria tragoudia
sites exi trisecatommyria skepseis mia
mechri nha mporeso nha mhn antexo allo kaos
kai to tragoudi these ekrignytai apo ta cail mia

prosferontas ton kosmo
mia stigmi sygchronismenis katanoisis
enos tragoudiou
mias fonis
enos anthropou
gia mia stigmi

prima aux kosmos anavosvinei
can then estiasis
kai akouei then eco
siga-siga xethoriazoun

allow thimatai
aux echos
ths poesis mas

Sunday, July 23, 2023

د "پښتو ژبې" by Christopher Fox Graham

د "پښتو ژبې"
by Christopher Fox Graham

ما ته یو ټټو راکړئ
د پوستکی څخه ژور
زما د پښو په سرونو کې
د هر چمن په سطحه
د هر انسان په ژبه
د دوی د کلمې لپاره ټایټ 
د "پښتو شعر"
د دې لپاره چې هیڅ ژبه نور بهرنی احساس ونه کړی؛
چې د هر انسان په زړه کې
په ما کې یو څه خبرې کولی شی

د عربی او عبرانیانو لپاره
پرته له دې چې د ډبرو سکرو سره څنګ په څنګ شئ
د کینټن او هندی کرکټرونو ته اجازه ورکړئ
په یوه هوټل کې د هاموک او سواحلو ساتلو لپاره لاسونه وصل کړئ
اجازه ورکړئ باسکی او زولو په پای کې د ویتنامی شونډو لمس کړی
کله چې ناوالنی خپل سر د مالا په اوږه باندې ارام کوی

موږ په ۶۰ ژبو خبرې کوو
خو د وخت او د دردونو په وخت کې
نو هیڅ انسان نشی کولی ما سره خبرې وکړی
بې احساسه
تر هډوکو پورې

د افریقی سیلیبلونو لپاره
د اروپایی اتحادیې سره د ځای شریکول ،
د اسیا مورفیمونه ،
او د انګریزانو خبرې،

د دوی سره یوځای شئ او دوی ته یې و انوئ
لکه څنګه چې په بریل کې لیکل شوی عضوی بارکوډ
د هغو چینجیو لخوا لوستل کیږی چې یوه ورځ به ما بیرته بدل کړی
د خاورې او خاورې د دین په اړه
چې موږ په یو وخت باور
د دې د وینې او وینې د وینې د
موږ له کوره ووته
په باران کې د لوبو لپاره د لنډ وخت لپاره

زموږ د کلی د ونو د ونو په سرونو
پریږده چې شاعری وکړی
او بیا یې په ځمکه کې واخلئ
د ځمکې د اسمان کولای شی زموږ د کلمو د وزن احساس
او موږ له پامه مه غورځوئ
کله چې موږ خپل ځان له مینځه یوسو
زموږ په وړاندې د ډولونو په څیر

وروستۍ کلمه را اخیستل
په مورس کوډ کې
زما د زلفو په سر کې
چې مې د زړه په غوږو کې د اغېز غږ شی
کله چې زه په بستر کې یم
.--. --- . - .-. -.--
پرېږدئ چې ټکی او ډشونه پراخه شی
زما په زړه کې د هر چا د زړه په سترګو کې
که مې خپل غږ له لاسه ورکړ
زه لاهم کولی شم یوه کلمه ووایم
زما د ګوتو په وهلو سره ،
یا زما د زړه د زړه د ریتم بدلول
زما د وینې سره خبرې کول


شپږ زره ژبې
زما د نخاع سره لوبې کول
په 33 برخه هارمونی
په ما باندې یو هجوم جوړ کړئ
چې د زړه په سر یې راورنګیږی
زما د نخاعی نخاعی ته پورته کړئ
په تونل کې د لوړ او لوړ غږ غږ
د ترکیبی موسیقی د جوړولو لپاره
زما د مغزو د ټولو لارو ته
چیرې چې دا انفجار کوی
او زما د زړه په دننه کې د
۶۰ نوی لغتونه
د ورته کلمې لپاره
د شپږ میلیارده سندرغاړو غږونه
زما د شپږ ټریلیون فکرونو په اړه
تر هغه چې زه نور ګډوډی نشم کولی
او زما له شونډو څخه د هغوی اوازونه پورته کیږی

دنیا ته وړاندې کول
د تفاهم د نه شتون یوه لحظه
یوه سندره
په یوه اواز
یو سړی
د یوې شیبه لپاره

تا چې دنیا په تا باندې ولوېږی
تمرکز له لاسه ورکوی
او د اکو په اړه خبرې وکړئ
ورو ورو له منځه ځی

خو په یاد دی 
زموږ د شعر په اړه