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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

What am I worth?

I am worth $2,293,214.00 US Dollars
and with today's current exchange rate converts into:
3,362.48 Platinum Ounces
6,511.55 Gold Ounces
9,655.64 Palladium Ounces
509,602.90 Silver Ounces
1,419,804.81 United Kingdom Pounds
1,680,465.77 International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights
2,139,048.34 Euros
3,503,510.23 Canadian Dollars
4,185,790.32 Deutsche Marks (now Euros)
8,262,449.54 Brazilian Reals
8,600,011.14 Saudi Arabian Riyals
8,711,919.99 Malaysian Ringgits
11,151,899.68 Israeli New Shekels
14,038,533.31 French Francs (now Euros)
17,885,879.19 Hong Kong Dollars
18,980,473.64 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
19,239,030.87 South African Rand
25,137,968.82 Mexican Pesos
72,534,358.82 Russian Rubles
98,631,134.14 Thai Baht
109,637,920.94 Indian Rupees
278,135,230.52 Japanese Yen
2,736,980,850.12 South Korean Won
3,664,555,972.00 Venezuelan Bolivares
4,146,133,645.47 Italian Lire (now Euros)
11,167,952,180.00 Zambian Kwacha
6 bars, 18 strips, and 63 slips of Gold-Pressed Latinum

but you can have me
with one deep kiss
that can bend my doubts over backward,
write your tongue onto my endoplasmic reticulum highways,
and turn my spine into mushy oatmeal.