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Thursday, October 23, 2003

CFG loves the Cop who busted him [smile]

Last night I went to hunt down KuK to wish him a happy birthday. Couldn't find the bastard, dagnabit.

En route, I scored a chimichanga at one of the 24-hour Mexican food restaurants that speckle Phoenix.

Inside, I found Sergeant Rameriz, the Tempe Police Dept desk sergeant who was on duty when I got arrested last year. I smiled, he smiled, I asked if he remembered me. He said he did, "you were the drunk kid who was giving astrology advice." I had been giving advice to the officers on duty about when they should have kids compatible to the personalities of them and their wives. He asked if I'd been in trouble since and I told him no. Sgt. Rameriz told the officer he was sitting with that I was "some wild entertainment" that night.

Guess that even drunk and belligerent, Christopher Fox Graham is charmingly entertaining. Yay me.