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Friday, August 20, 2010

"An Introduction," by Randy Warren

An Introduction
By Randy Warren
performed at the Sedona Poetry Slam in June

Well first to start it seems appropriate to let you know
that I was sent to help you all remember who you are.
I know to some of you I might begin to look familiar;
that’s because we all go back together very far.

The only difference that there is between us is
I can remember all this shit while your amnesia remains.
It’s not to say that I’m superior;
I simply made the choice to be the one
to help you out of your brains.

So right now, just sit back, and relax, and reflect,
and take a deep breath, let it out and do it again.
It’s me your old pal Randy, I just came back to help you all
and you can trust me ‘cause we’re all friends.

Now all you need to know about yourself, at least to start,
is that you all are basically alone in a dream.
And you can wake up any time you know,
it’s not that there’s some external factor,
some mind-control beam.

You just like it this way
with the balls all in play.
You like the sea of probabilities
with you as the “X”.

But let me tell you,
when you stop playing the victim
then you’re basically God,
and life is basically sex.

The first thing you gotta do,
is let go of being you.

You’re gonna be you anyway,
and this’ll give you more room to play.

‘Cause you’re basically a hologram,
a projection of I-Am-That-I-Am.

And when you let your human go,
then you will instantly start to
know, and grow, and flow, and show
yourself all that you need to know
so you can start to let it go
and feel good all the time, although
there will be times when you’ll say “no”
‘cause you’re addicted to the Show.
The up and down, the ebb and flow,
is all just food for your ego,
let it go, let it go, let it go,
let it go go go go

Go within and you will see that you create reality
by your perceptions and projections
you make it real.

And now the next step is for you to drop the act
and stop reacting to the stimulus
as if you’re a seal.

If there’s a God, then He’s an It, and It’s a They,
and They are Us,
no wonder we all think so much of ourselves.

The other side of that is we’re all really God,
we all forgot while we were occupied enjoying ourselves.

And now, it’s time for us
to drop all the bullshit and just be Awesome.

And I am here to see
the spinach in the teeth of your soul,
and help you floss’em.

So that’ll do it for now, my name is Randy,
like I said I came to help you all remember who you are.

If you have questions you can reach me via email,
or to contact me directly you can wish upon a star.

Before I leave I wanna leave you with something
that’ll help you feel better,
when you feel very bad.

A simple truth that I have tested time and time again,
it’s guaranteed to lift you up when you’re feeling sad.

(deep breath!)

If there’s a God then God is you and you are God
and there is no separation, just two names for the same.

So anything that happens,
must be what you want to happen,
otherwise how could it happen,
no one to blame.

So when you find yourself resisting the present,
lamenting and resenting what is lain at your door,
just take a moment to remember you are God
and as a god you have good taste,
you only choose what you adore.

And in this moment you have chosen
you are perfectly aligned with All That Is
all of the time, you know.

There is no other truth,
that is the way it is,
there is no other way,
there is no other truth to know.

So even in the shittiest of times
it doesn’t change the simple fact
that everything is always Perfection.

And if you see the world as shit,
it may occur to you
that maybe the problem’s
your shitty perception.

And if you want to live a life of joy and happiness
the first and only step
is just to let it all in.

And when you finally let the pain fall away,
all the joy will rush in,
and life will truly begin.
My name is Randy and I came here just to be the one
to tell you all the things that you all already know.

And now that I am here,
you just relax and have no fear,
it’s time to crack another beer
and enjoy the show!

Copyright 2010 © Randy Warren

According to his bio, Randy Warren is an ascended master of the material illusion. He has come to Earth to assist in smoothing the transition into the new age. While here, he enjoys many forms of expression, including poetry. Feel free to contact him and offer him money for his myriad talents.

1 comment:

Dennis said...

he was my favorite part of that last slam I made it to. Felt bad for him that the older people up front didn't get his humor. I was laughing though