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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yes, Twitter is a silly thing. Yet it's great for poetry for one simple reason: Haiku can be completely twittered.

Bless Christin James for posting haiku from the National Poetry Slam's Haiku Death Match on Friday, Aug. 7, which segues perfectly into my real point: I will host an NPS-style Haiku Death Match at GumptionFest IV on Sept. 4, 5 & 6.The haiku from NPS that James posted include:

I'd give you the shirt on my back
but it keeps getting caught on your knife

Drunk sex is awkward
when you try to use vomit
as lubricant

Am I not sensitive enough to your needs?
Does your mangina hurt?

Maybe the Wolf had asthma
& the Three Little Pigs
were being dicks

People have given me so much shit,
that when you shake my hand
I flush

If Jesus returned
America would be Rome
just without the art

When you cut yourself it's emo,
but when fish cut themselves
it's sushi

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Christopher Fox Graham said...

Also, being able to watch the National Poetry Slam's Finals scores "live" posted on Twitter:

#nps2009 Faloo gets a 27.9 and ABQ sends Damien
2 minutes ago
#nps2009 Six is Nine gets a 28.4 and Nuyo sends up Faloo
7 minutes ago
#nps2009 Matt from SF gets a 27.4 and St Paul sends up Six is Nine
12 minutes ago
#nps2009 Tavis gets a 28.2 and SF starts round one with Matt
17 minutes ago
#nps2009 Tavis Brunson sacs
23 minutes ago#nps2009 Mike McGee is the host and he is cracking us up!!!
30 minutes ago