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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Haiku from Beer Haiku Daily

Need a topic for your Haiku Death Match haiku? Anything can make a great haiku, all you need is the desire and the ability to count. GumptionFest IV takes place in Sedona from Friday to Sunday, Sept. 4, 5 & 6.

From Beer Haiku Daily
A simple poem each day to celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures.

Dripping With Humor Haiku

Right in the middle
Of downing my second beer
He told the punchline

RIP John Hughes Haiku
Our words, our soundtracks
Our lives on the silver screen
A toast to John Hughes

Thursday Morning Haiku
after a night out
a black eye and a lost shoe
but things are just fine

God-like Haiku
An ancient treasure
Sparkling in my goblet
Makes me feel god-like

Worth It Haiku
A leisurely walk
Down to the local beer store
A grueling slog home

Too Hot Haiku
it’s too hot for golf
today, but it’s not too hot
to drink a few beers

Showtime Haiku
Just before showtime
The bar by the theatre
Suddenly quiet

Empty Haiku
A buoyant bevy
Diverts the young bartender
My glass sits empty

Mount Hood Haiku
High atop Mount Hood
My personal beer summit
Far from politics

Storyteller Haiku
The sounds of laughter
Are an excellent soundtrack
To my beer-soaked yarns

Nervous Haiku
next to her bottle
a thousand little pieces
once a beer label

Extreme Croquet Haiku
With beers and mallets
They attempt to run the hoops
Through bushes and streams

Seeking Solutions Haiku
With no solution
After sober discussion
They ordered some beers

Date Night Haiku
Date night with hubby
The kids are at the sitter
She’s pleasantly buzzed

Consequences Haiku
How could he not know?
There’s always consequences.
Karaoke Night

Time to Think Haiku
Despite convention
He went to his local pub
Seeking clarity

Zen Haiku
Settling down with
Some beer, hot-and-sour soup ...
... and kung-fu movies

Saving the World Haiku
His super power
Is matching people to beer.
That’s super indeed!

Ouch Haiku
"It’s a damn good thing
That you can’t fall off the floor,"
He said groggily

Faux Pas Haiku
That joke from last night
Is even less funny now
Than when you told it

Daydream Haiku
Treasured solitude
An ocean breeze and a beer
Bring pirate daydreams

Fury Haiku
On such a rare day
Even a beer can’t mellow
This seething fury

Prepared Haiku
Arriving early
He grabbed a quick beer before
The confrontation

Hot Haiku
Sweating profusely
Cold beer from the tap hydrates
Sticky southern day

A Frickin' Miracle Haiku
He left for the bar
At exactly 5 o’clock
Against all the odds

Deliverance Haiku
Sipping Sweetwater
Blessed deliverance from
The hot southern sun

Domestic Brewing Haiku
Memories brewing
Of that very first porter
I named for my wife

Baseball Haiku
by the ninth inning
many beer bottles linger
under seat M5

That’s Good Eatin’ Haiku
She brought me a beer
and a Maryland crab cake
the size of my face

Musings Over a Pint Haiku
Surely his role as
Husband, father, patriot
Earns him a craft beer

Big Foamy Head Haiku
Just some good ole boys
Talking beer, blues, barbecue
And living the dream

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