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Saturday, March 17, 2018

"No Irish need apply," a whiskey poem about America for St. Patrick's Day

No Irish need apply
We say goodbye
make our mothers cry
Break hearts for the dream
and no Irish need apply

Who built the bridge's mate
And scrapped the city sky
And bled with your sons
And so
The blend be gone
when I wed your lovely daughter
maybe you shouldn't ought of
But you gave her away
To be with me

What do you think
you gonna buy me a drink
with these hands
and this heart
I touch you and we never stand apart

"E pluribus bleedin' unum"
have you got it
do you know what that means
It means blend
Blend is the backbone of this place
Look around ya
every generations got a different face
some very different
some pretty like me
everyone's gorgeous if you open your eyes to see
we were all them once
now were just us
just U.S.
ask your old granny if you need more proof
now take a look in the mirror
and you'll see the truth

The blend
I am Blend
And so are you
And you
And you
And that other fella too

We are all blend
From the beginning
To the end
So glasses up
And I'll say aye
to the beauty of blend?

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