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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ryan Brown wins the fourth Sedona Poetry Slam of the 2012-13 National Poetry Slam Season

Photo by Tara Graeber
Ryan Brown, of Flagstaff, wins the Feb. 16 Sedona Poetry Slam.
Ryan Brown wins the fourth Sedona Poetry Slam of the 2012-13 National Poetry Slam Season.

Round 1
Random Draw

Calibration: Christopher Fox Graham, of Sedona

Valence, of Flagstaff, 2:28, 25.9
Slammy D, of Flagstaff, 2:38, 25.5
Jackson Morris, of Flagstaff, 2:24, 23.7
Josh Wiss, of Flagstaff, 1:36, 24.8
Ryan Brown, of Flagstaff, 3:11, 28.3 (after 0.5 time penalty)
Ashley Swazey, of Flagstaff, 3:02, 25.7
The Klute, of Phoenix, 2:58, 28.1
Ky J. Dio, of Flagstaff, 1:59, 24.2
Susan Okie, of Washington D.C., 1:38, 23.3
Evan Dissinger, of Flagstaff, 2:00, 26.1
Joy Young, of Phoenix, 2:31, 28.2

Teaser: Jeremiah Blue, of Phoenix

Round 2
Reverse Order
Joy Young, of Phoenix, 2:36, 27.3, 55.5
Evan Dissinger, of Flagstaff, 2:47, 26.3, 52.4
Susan Okie, of Washington D.C., 1:39, 23.3, 46.6
Ky J. Dio, of Flagstaff, 1:53, 25.2, 50.9
The Klute, of Phoenix, 2:40, 27.0, 55.1
Ashley Swazey, of Flagstaff, 2:31, 27.0, 52.7
Ryan Brown, of Flagstaff, 28.2, 28.2, 56.5
Josh Wiss, of Flagstaff, 2:10, 26.6, 51.4
Jackson Morris, of Flagstaff, 3:06, 29.2, 52.9
Slammy D, of Flagstaff, 1:04, 25.9, 51.4
Valence, of Flagstaff, 2:02, 28.5, 53.4

Feature: Jeremiah Blue

Jeremiah Blue features at the Sedona Poetry Slam on Saturday, Feb. 16.
Jeremiah Blue is a Phoenix-based poet that has organized, hosted, and performed in the poetry slam scene since 2006. He has performed at a variety of venues throughout the country.

Currently, Blue co-hosts a weekly poetry slam in downtown Phoenix at Lawn Gnome Bookstore.

In 2007, he earned the title of Phoenix Poetry Slam Champion and has represented Phoenix twice at the National Poetry Slam. He also became the Individual Poetry Slam Champion for Phoenix in 2012, earning him the slot to represent the city at the Individual World Poetry Slam.

You can reach him on Facebook or you can email him at for more information or booking.

Round 3
High to Low
Sorbet:Verbal Kensington, of Flagstaff

Ryan Brown, of Flagstaff, 3:00, 28.5, 85.0
Joy Young, of Phoenix, 1:31, 28.5, 84.0
The Klute, of Phoenix, 1:53, 28.6, 83.7
Valence, of Flagstaff, 1:53, 28.1, 81.0
Jackson Morris, of Flagstaff, 3:15, 27.6 (after 0.5 time penalty), 78.2

Sorbet: Christopher Fox Graham, of Sedona

Victory: Ryan Brown, of Flagstaff

Final Scores
Ryan Brown, of Flagstaff, 85.0

Joy Young, of Phoenix, 84.0 - Winner of the Sedona slot for the Women of the World Poetry Slam

The Klute, of Phoenix, 83.7

Valence, of Flagstaff, 81.0
Jackson Morris, of Flagstaff, 78.2

Ashley Swazey, of Flagstaff,52.7
Evan Dissinger, of Flagstaff, 52.4
Josh Wiss, of Flagstaff, 51.4
Slammy D, of Flagstaff, 51.4
Ky J. Dio, of Flagstaff, 50.9
Susan Okie, of Washington D.C., 46.6

Sedona National Poetry Slam Team
Slamoff Point Standings
9 points
Ryan Brown, of Flagstaff✓✓
The Klute, of Phoenix
8 points
Josh Wiss, of Flagstaff✓
7 points
Joy Young, of Phoenix
5 points
Evan Dissinger, of Flagstaff
4 points
Christopher Fox Graham, of Sedona
Jackson Morris, of Flagstaff
Leo Bryant, of Richmond, Calif.✓
3 points
Charles Levett, of Phoenix
Jeremiah Blue, of Phoenix
2 points
Ashley Swazey, of Phoenix
Austin Reeves, of Flagstaff
Bert Cisneros, of Cottonwood
Lauren Perry, of Phoenix
Lynn Gravatt, of Sedona
1.5 points
Josh Floyd, of Flagstaff
Taylor Hayes, of Flagstaff
Valence, of Flagstaff
1 points
Bill Campana, of Mesa
Gary Every, of Sedona
Houston Hughes, of Fayetteville, Ark.
Jackie Stockwell, of Flagstaff
Jasmine "Jazz" Sufi Wilkenson of Santa Cruz, Calif.
Jordan Ranft, of Santa Rosa, Calif.
Ky J. Dio, of Flagstaff
Lauren Deja, of Phoenix
Little Blue Lyon-Fish, of Phoenix
nodalone, of Flagstaff
Robert Gonzales, of Flagstaff
Rowie Shebala, of Phoenix
Slammy D, of Flagstaff
Susan Okie, of Washington D.C.,
Vincent Vega, of Flagstaff
0.5 points
Verbal Kensington, of Flagstaff

✓ = won a Sedona Poetry Slam

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