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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Verballistics: Issue 1" awesome digital zine published three of my poems

My friend Verbal Kensington in Flagstaff has just published her first zine anthology, "Verballistics: Issue 1" featuring poetry, art and prose from artists all over the country.
 The online version is wicked cool. Every poem and prose piece is paired with art to complement it and with this tool bar you can move around and zoom in, just like you were looking at a real print edition:
 And for any page turned on its side, hit the eye to view it right side up.

Three of my poems are include, "They Held Hands," "To the Planet Formerly Known as Pluto," and "Ragnarok." The photo for "Ragnarok" includes an image of Mathias Rust landing his plane in Red Square.

"Verballistics: is a publishing endeavor which, like poetry itself, defies definition. ​​ We believe that life is poetry, and we are all poets. We promote work which blends the lines between art and literature, and pushes the boundaries of traditional publishing. Our contributors have a message to share with the world - whether it's a shout from the mountaintops, or a whispered secret which somehow cradles the universal in us all. We are devoted to the artistry of language. We celebrate the experimental. We honor the linguistic lexicon, and the vernacular virtuoso. ​ ​We'd love to help you Get Verbal!"

The publication includes a copy of my poem, "They Held Hands:"

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