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Monday, June 27, 2011

Utah Arts Festival Team Poetry Slam, part one

The old Utah State House where the 2011 Utah Arts Festival tooks place.

The Big Mouth Cafe slam stage.

Brian Frandsen, the calibration poet.

Dave McShield, the shirtless host.

Gray Brian with the first poem of the first round, a beautiful poem about reversing time. Set the stage for the whole rest of the slam.

Adam Love, left, and Nick Shifrar Team 801 Underground, the Salt Lake City pickup team.

Cheryl Maddalena with her "MILF" poem. She is a beautiful human being. It clearly says so on her left arm in 200pt Times New Roman.
Brenda Ray, team Boise

Salt City Slam performing Jesse Parent's "I Am Legion" poem about his mother's multiple personality discover. This is the piece that fucked my ears with its brilliance. The poets are Parent, left, Cody Winger, DeAnn Emett and Gary Brian.

Slam NUBA, featuring Brando Chemtrails, left, Ayinde Russell (behind Brando), Dominique Christina Ashaheed, Theo Wilson and Jovan Mays.

Leah Cronen from Team Boise

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