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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sedona jet crash

On Wednesday, May 25, a small private jet crash landed at the Sedona Airport.

As our photojournalist Tom Hood was already on his way to cover the Sedona Red Rock High School Class of 2011 graduation, I went to the airport to get a photo.

Mac McCall, the airport manager drove me down the tarmac, but the U.S. Forest Service had closed off the area as a HAZMAT site due to a fuel leak coming from the port wing, which was ripped open in the crash.

Sedona Fire District Battalion Chief Jayson Coil, however, recommended that I hike over to Table Mesa to get a photo, which turned out to be a far better idea considering the steepness of the terrain let me shoot photos that put the whole crash site into perspective in regard to Airport Mesa.

The hike was about 0.44 miles, if GoogleEarth measurements are accurate. I got to a great angle about 90 minutes after the crash.

The two pilots and three passengers all walked away.

I love covering breaking news.

You can read the Sedona Red Rock News Story here.


SedonaMike said...

Spectacular pic!

TreeHouseForRent said...

At first glance, it might appear to be pilot error. But, there have already been several instances of brake failure with this aircraft.