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Friday, September 10, 2010

Math is hard. GumptionFest is easy

While classical mechanics, relativistic mechanics and quantum mechanics describe the motion of bodies and particles, this electromagnetic mechanics of particles proposes a description of their fundamental nature and an explanation to the cause of their motion and the reason why they naturally tend to self-propel at constant velocity and to self-guide in straight line when no external force is acting on them.

That being said, GumptionFest V is this weekend. Take some time off and get out of the house to enjoy local art in Sedona.

GumptionFest V
  • Fifth annual event takes place Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 11 and 12.
  • Activities last all day at several venues along Coffee Pot Drive.
  • Admission is free. All art and music is supplied by donation.
  • All amateur and professional artists are invited to participate.
  • To volunteer, participate or for more information, e-mail

To compete in GumptionFest's Poetry Slam or Haiku Death Match, e-mail:

To participate, volunteer or for more information about GumptionFest V, e-mail or visit GumptionFest on Facebook.

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