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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Her cat killed a bunny, which died in my hands

Azami is watching Deeds' house and her cat, Mr. Knightly. Her cat has a tendency to catch and kill animals, usually birds and lizards. Most recently, he caught a bunny. Azami saw him and yelled for help, as girls do with small mammals killing other small mammals, and I came to the rescue, of sorts.

The bunny died in my hands.

Azami held him, too.

Azami built a little altar as an art piece, a la Burning Man, before we buried the bunny in the backyard.


Victoria said...

Beautiful, beautiful! (:

SedonaMike said...

Sad. But big-hearted of you both.

Marcinha said...

the rabbit was sooo cute!
it's nice that you burried him, rabbits are very nice companions too.

Yu-chan said...

Oh, i'd love to kill one too!! =D But I hate that christian thing, and to bury such a stupid animal. But I like bunnies!! How twisting!! >___<