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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FoxThePoet ranked No. 3 of "100 Best Poetry Blogs"

I got a nice e-mail on Sunday, March 21, ranking me No. 3 of the top 100 poetry-related blogs, above and a New York Times poetry blog ... sweet. Many of these blogs also include great links to others' work:

We posted an article, "100 Best Poetry Blogs." I just thought I'd share it with you in case you thought it would appeal to your readers. I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in this list.
Thanks for time!
Emma Taylor
Poetry Basics

Poets have been some of the most respected and lauded writers in the past and even today hold a special place in society as they speak at inaugurations, commencements and special lectures. Whether you’re an aspiring poet, a college student or just someone who loves a good verse, you’ll find a range of poetry related help, information and inspiration on these blogs. Check them out to see what other poets are up to or just to learn more about the craft.

These blogs will teach you about poetry and help you keep up with poetry related news.

  1. Poetry Hut: Find your poetry-related news here.
  2. Poetry Dispatch: Check out this site to learn more about poetry events and poets to watch.
  3. Fox the Poet: This poet talks about his own work as well as poetry events and writing on his blog.
  4. Poetry: This blog is a great reference tool for learning about poems and poets and writing your own work.
  5. Paper Cuts: Visit this New York Times blog to hear about the latest poetry book releases.
  6. Harriet the Blog: Visit this blog to hear about the Poetry Foundation’s events and projects.
  7. Poetic Asides: Get insights into the process of creating good poetry with the help offered here.
  8. Topics and Events: Follow this blog to learn about poetry and arts events posted by writer Alfred Corn.

Check out the entire list on 100 Best Poetry Blogs.

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