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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Haiku Death Match Finals

Haiku Death Match Finals Haiku:
Hi-Ya! Zach Brutsche
won this year's Haiku Death Match
at GumptionFest 4

What Was CFG Wearing as Haiku Death Match Host? Haiku
I wore the silk shirt
of a thirteen-year-old girl.
Why do I own that?

Haiku Death Match Math Haiku
One host, three judges,
six flags plus eight haikusters
equals Death Match fun

Zach Brutsche, right, beat Dennis Mead, left, in the final round of the Haiku Death Match by a single haiku, 3-2. Thanks to Gary Every, Bert Cisneros, David Reed, Carl Weis and Mikel Weisser for competing and Jen Valencia for supplying the "Poetic License" grand prize to the winning Haikuster.

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