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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Diocletianic Persecution Haiku

Diocletianic Persecution Haiku
How did I get here?
Girl said, "I don't date pagans"
Skirt chasing ... fatal.

As lion chews thigh
I wonder if Christian chick
will finds me as hot

My plan is simple:
Let lions eat dudes praying
hope they all get stuffed

Being eaten alive
seems more cruel when I find that
it's still pre-season

Try telling Christian
that his death will make Sportscenter's
"Plays of the Week"

In Coliseum,
Fans with popcorn and peanuts
think "how ironic"

Lions eat Christians ...
at least it's quick. I mean,
bulls eat Mithraists

I wonder who was
the Bill Buckner of lions?
There must have been one.

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