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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Facebook Chat Haiku

Facebook Chat Haiku
Into the ether
of the Internet she went
questions unanswered


Anonymous said...

Ah, what a lovely time to look back on! I hope all is well.


Christopher Fox Graham said...

It is, but I could use a little Menthol in my life again.

Anonymous said...

You're too kind, but I'll give you something to smoke; I've fallen in love. Listen:

Emblazoned in starlight and casually cool
We sit there entangled in breaking the rules
With no hesitation, I reach for his hand
We’re tripping and falling with no place to land

The sun goes down and the stars come out
And now I know without a doubt
That his voice will continue to sing in my mind
And that it’s really ok to leave things behind
Because before him, I was only a thief
I stole kisses and love, no matter how brief

But now…

Now I am a river, twisting and flowing
Cascading around him without really knowing
Which way to go or how to stay;
He is a million moments in just one day.