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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Three Breakup Words / Three Words After Sex

Yes, I use Twitter, somewhat reluctantly. I don't consider it anything more than an online quirk. However, I don't "tweet" or send "tweets." "Twitter" is not an irregular verb just because some computer nerd wants it to be. The correct regular conjugation would be "sending twits from one Twit to another Twit."

In any case, I discovered "trends" on the sidebar, which are just other ways to goof off on Twitter.

Three Breakup Words
"I'll have decaf"
"You're from Canada?"
"What's a Fraggle?"
"Dating your dad"
"We're still divorced"

Three words after sex
"Best threesome ever"
"Got a shovel?"
"Forgot ... safe ... word"
"Viagra works wonders"
"You awake now?"
"Still lesbian? Damn."
"Church pews rock"
"Run! The cops!"
"Thanks, Mr. President"
"What's on television?"
"Cut! Roll tape!"
"That'll be $200"
"You've got syphilis"

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