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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarrah is leaving Sedona

Sarrah Wile, my two-time daughter (I was her legal guardian twice) is leaving Sedona to go to school in Asheville, North Carolina. Sarrah was just a girl when I met her, but she's become one of my closest friends in Sedona.
We've gone on vacations every summer for the last four years: to the National Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, N.M., in 2005; to San Francisco with Dylan Jung and Lou Moretti in 2006; to Montana in 2007; and to New York City, the Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, and Chicago with Danielle "Deeds" Gervasio and Alun Wile in 2008.
Until she leaves, I'll be posting my favorite photographs of her over the years.

At Mark's In & Out in Livingston, Montana.

In my grandmother's barn in Opheim, Montana.

Checking out downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Last Chance Gulch, in downtown Helena, Montana.

Playing checkers with stones and pinecones in downtown Helena, Montana.

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Jen Valencia said...

i love the barn pic!!!