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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sedona National Poetry Slam Team squeezes out a 2nd place win by 0.2

Oral Experts, group poem, 24.3
Downtown Phoenix, Tomas, 29.1
Phoenix Nationals, Klute's "Arizona Board of Tourism," 29.7
Sedona, Evan Dissinger, 28.9
Sedona in third, behind DT Phx by 0.2, and Phoenix Nationals by 0.8

Phoenix Nationals, Rowie Shebala "Toy soliders" 28.7, 58.4

Oral Experts, woman, 26.4, 50.7
Sedona, Josh Wiss, 29.1, 58.0
Downtown Phoenix, Jeremiah Blue, 28.6, 57.7
Sedona pushes past DT Phx by 0.3, still behind Phoenix Nationals by 0.4

Sedona, Valence, 28.9, 86.9
Phoenix Nationals, Chesko's "ADD," 29.4, 87.8
Downtown Phoenix, Myrlin, 29.7, 87.4
Oral Experts, woman #2, 26.7, 77.4
DT Phx leaps past Sedona, which is now behind it by 0.5, and trailing Phoenix Nationals by 0.4, leaving Sedona in third behind Phx Nationals by 0.9

Downtown Phoenix, woman, 29.8, 117.2
Sedona, trio: Frank O'Brien, Josh Wiss, Evan Dissinger, 29.9, 116.8
Oral Experts, duo, 24.9, 102.3
Phoenix Nationals, Charles, 28.8, 116.6
Sedona's group poem knocks it out of the park, scoring the highest of the night. The push means Sedona can hold on to second if Phoenix Nationals fails to reach a 29.0. Charles only gets a 28.8 after following a lackluster duo from Oral Experts, leaving Phx Nationals in 3rd by 0.2.

Only top two teams, Sedona and DT Phoenix advance to finals tomorrow night.

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Taryn Marie said...

Hey, I'm a poet recently moved from Albuquerque, NM. I've been on the hunt for poetry slams in the Phoenix area, and your're the first poet page I came across for Phoenix. Think you can fill me in on the scene? It would be greatly appreciated =) My e-mail is and my writing website is