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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brandon Decker interview on CNN Music

The band Decker  — lead by Brandon Decker, my ex-roommate and GumptionFest's music director — was interviewed by CNN's Nick Scott at South By Southwest in March. 

My review of Decker's first album, "Long Days," which he recorded at our house, the Willow Way Hotel in Sedona.

Courtesy photo
Brandon Decker, Sedona musician.
Over the last two years, Brandon Decker has played over 250 shows, touring relentlessly from his home in Sedona, Ariz., to Seattle, Wash., to Shreveport, La., and everywhere in between.

Not confining his shows to music clubs alone, Decker is known to play free shows in cafes, farmer’s markets and on street corners alike. In the midst of traveling 50,000+ in his Dodge Caravan, he has self-released three albums on his own local record label, Mescal Porch Records, and, in June, delivered his first-born son in his kitchen to boot.

It’s safe to say, Decker is amongst the hardest-working touring songwriters you’ve never heard of.

But he’s doing his best to change that.

Decker has self-released 3 albums off of his Arizona indie-folk label Mescal Porch Records, all while touring the western portion of the country incessantly. He and his band are presently working on their fourth, self-titled album "decker." due for release this November.
Decker crafts songs which find profundity in their naked sincerity. Not quite rock, not quite folk, his acoustic-based psychedelic Americana balladry draws upon a variety of influences; from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits, from Cat Power to PJ Harvey. Yet in the end, his music is unique and uniquely him, and that is his offering.

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