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Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Scars Open Letter to Hollywood from Heath Ledger," by Marshall Soulful Jones

Open Letter to Hollywood from Heath Ledger"

Written and performed by Marshall "Soulful" Jones
Produced by: Hans Zimmer
Re-imagined by: Fiya Divine

If you're here
He's not
I'm not
And I'm sure you'd like to know why we're not Ill tell you ....
He loved her
And she's not here right now because of you

....Fame is a disease
We all got it We're all sharing needles with it If you're not careful

You will die before you die

I mean, look at us
Put the suicide note down

Look at all the bottles on the floor
Half of these things I cant even pronounce
Did you notice "Xanax" reads the same forward and backward?
I thought it was funny
Apparently my apartment on Broome Street
Did not sweep enough under the rug
So now you see what you've done
Now you know how I got these scars
See, the camera keeps rolling
Like a wheel
Turning your insides
You can't have a normal life
Without a production team
With a search warrant for your bad day
How many tabloids do you think it took to ruin him, hmm?
How many gossip sites did it take?
How many lines of cocaine do you think we need to forget
That everyday we're getting farther and farther away
Oh you thought he was acting?
Oh You think I'm not real
Oh I'm real
And when you 're sick with fame like him
You need people like me to keep you laughing
So when the lady left with everything
I said "Why So Serious?"
Just take two Ambien
Those are good for the nightmares
Take one of these
Two of those
A whole fuckload of these

I kept the bathroom cabinets jokes coming

Because Painkillers can shove your mistakes off a balcony
And you can still smile about it
You think you know him

You don't

I was there
I was there to tell him that if were gonna go anywhere
We were gonna go out with a bang!

Marshall "Soulful" Jones
Marshall "Soulful" Jones cannot be stopped. Do not be deceived by the sultry name this poet brings pure power to the mic. His style, a fusion of raw hip-hop tenacity neo-soul vocal mastery and an excellent command of the English language. With an overflowing imagination and an arsenal of talents Soulful has a wellspring of ideas matched only by his seemingly unlimited versatility and creativity. With many voices Soulful speaks to the laymen, the scholar, the feeler and the thinker. He sees no boundaries nor limitations accepting neither label nor branding. He is always one step ahead of himself approaching poetry from new and exciting angles leaving no topic safe from his pen.

Be it the humor of today's technology, the vulnerability of true manhood or the somber conditions of African-American life Soulful desires to touch everyone.Whether slamming or simply sharing, his drive and passion for the art are apparent in his delivery and his presence.

Bio from Words With a Pulse.


mikel weisser said...

This poem is SO fantstic, i am going to learn it to perform it! Thanksd for including the text!

Marla said...

I am totally impressed....amazing.