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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Dear Wildflower," by Maple Dewleaf

"Dear Wildflower," by Maple Dewleaf, third round poem in the Sedona Poetry Slam on Saturday, July 30, 2011.
"Dear Wildflower"
by Maple Dewleaf
from his chapbook "Any Given Sandbox"

Wildflower Clementine Dewleaf
Dear Wildflower
Dear wildflower,
My toothless grinnin’,
Midnight wailing
Straight heart winnin’,
Smooth water sailing,
Big o’ bundle of love.
Right now you’re all mothers’ milk and diapers,
Your first breath was made to let out a wail of presence; all the nurses called you superstar.
I’m sorry to say right now you know more than you ever will.
Your soul is fresh with something ancient and beautiful,
Your all Irish cobblestone carved with long forgotten tools.
If you could just dig the earth below your feet and remember the place where your memories meet.
You’ll always clear the fog to see the sky.
No matter what comes your way you’ll overcome it.
But when you wonder what you’re made of best remember all this before you ask why.
I hope you got your mother’s backbone it was pressed from molten passion,
And has carried her with the weight of the world feeling no heavier than you now.
And I hope you have my nerve and determination so you may never be walked on,
But still tread softly on our world’s green skin
I hope you live fearless with your eyes wide open,
But treat the unknown like a frozen lake, and know when it’s time to leave
Always trust your gut
That I cannot tell you enough.
Stay certain that each day should be filled with as much fun as you can handle, blow out every single birthday candle,
For if wishes became numbered you would use them more wisely.
You’re as strong and fresh as spring blooming lavender bushes,
Don’t let the world stop your roots, let no wall stop your branches,
You can learn from the trees if you listen, keep your head in the clouds, they’re calling you still,
You are a flower, a beautifully arranged petal collage lotus,
Blooming, in a meadow hidden deep in the unmapped mountains of the heartland.
That’s your every breath, girl,
Moving like mountain breezes,
Just wakes you up but most it freezes.
That’s your sunlight, take it in more warm and close than a bath in honey,
You will bloom my baby
You are the beating heart of mother earth’s magnum opus, and you were born just to be the peak of her crescendo and in your eyes are storms of passion waiting to unfurl.

Copyright 2011 © Maple Dewleaf Nic Griffin

Maple Dewleaf
Photo courtesy of Tara Graeber 
Maple Dewleaf 
Born of the smoggy heart of Texas the youngest brother of five to a single mother, Maple Dewleaf was brought into this world a free spirit. As a child he would spend most of his time barefoot and in the forests of Northern Arizona. To this day Huckleberry Finn remains his biggest hero.

He became a significant member of Flagstaff’s poetry slam at the age of 16 while experiencing a slight case of house arrest fever. Having first hitched a ride at the age of 13, swears to this day the best way to catch a ride is to look very undetermined but still focused on something just over the horizon of view.

Dewleaf has worked as a grocery bagger, fence painter, fast-food cook, fry-cook, door installer, the wise hippie janitor of a truck stop, and various street side attractions including musician with classically trained vocals, alleyway poet, psychedelic amusement and $5 dare-taker extraordinaire.

At the ripe old age of almost 20 years, he was given the greatest gift he ever received: Wildflower Clementine, his beautiful daughter. Most days Maple can be found meditating with his gorgeous wife, whom he would crawl hands and knees through barrel cactuses for: Patches Dewleaf and little baby Wildflower, in the hidden woods of Anywhere, America.

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