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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Help me interview Michael Moore

I will be interviewing filmmaker Michael Moore, who is coming to Sedona for the 16th annual Sedona International Film Festival, set for Sunday, Feb. 21, to Sunday, Feb. 28.

I have a list of questions I've always wanted to ask, but do you?

Moore will be the festival's special guest, screening "Capitalism: A Love Story" at Harkins Theatres.

Film festival director Patrick Schweiss set me up with an interview of Moore that will appear before the festival in the Sedona Red Rock News.

If you have questions you want me to ask filmmaker Michael Moore during my interview, e-mail them to me at (Subject: "Michael Moore Questions") or comment on my blog by Friday, Feb. 12, and I will try to include most of them during my interview.

Even if they do not appear in the final print edition of the Sedona Red Rock News, I will get you his answers.


Kaveh said...

How about something along the lines of "why are you doing this?" Pretty open ended and who knows what you'll get. I'm wondering why he does what he does. Is it just a job? Is he into exposés? Does he see himself as serving the public? Is he seeking fame/infamy/respect/importance/money/fun?

Michael KuKuruga said...

Subject: Michael Moore Questions

Michael Moore questions..
1. If you were to take the office of another nation, would you strive to put forth your policies in legislation?
2. What do you like to eat when you are filming? Are you a pasta and carb guy like a marathoner, or do you ingest the junk food?
3. Do you think the country will ever recover from the international embarrassment of President George W Bush and his poor communication skills?
4. Do you have a ton of ideas you never finish?
5. Angelina Jolie wants to leave Brad Pitt and offers herself to you; do you do it or do all those kids freak you out?
6. Have you ever written a Bill or Amendment?
7. If you had to use the writers from an American sitcom, which would it be?
8. Do you ever want to do a serious film, or are you going to stick to comedies? Tongue in cheek>>>
9. Have you ever killed an animal?
10. Do you make friends with all of the underground conspiracy theorists?
11. How do you explain to the camera man how to stay quiet?
12. How big is your team of researchers?
13. How do you handle being despised by right wing people?