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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review of "P.S." on Decker's album "Long Days"

"Long Days" track #8. "P.S."

Decker’s eighth track on “Long Days,” is the interlude “P.S.” which serves as a conclusion to “Ghost Again.” Musically it matches many of the same elements.

It repeats the lyrics, “tell me, what did you expect to find when you came here?” as though Decker was critiquing his choices or contemplating a relapse into the relationship of “Ghost Again.”

Lyrics for "P.S."

what did you expect to find?
what did you expect to find
when you came here?

The CD release party for Decker's debut album "Long Days" is Friday, Oct. 2 at Ken's Creekside, 251 Hwy. 179, Sedona.
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