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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review of "Ghost Again" on Decker's album "Long Days"

"Long Days" track #7. "Ghost Again"

“Ghost Again,” Decker’s seventh song on “Long Days” is a lyrically-driven melodic monologue. The song incorporates “really killer drum beats,” vocal tracks and a synthesizer.

Decker wrote the song about coming to grips with the end of the relationship of his first love three years ago, which thematically resonates with the previous trilogy on the album.

While it is the shortest full song on the album it has the longest set lyrics that richly details Decker’s relationship. It effectively encapsulates the human experience of realizing that an on-again, off-again love affair really has no future.

As revealed through the narrative, Decker came to the realization that he had to put an end to the cycle or he could not move on. The racing rhythm moves faster than every other track on the album, adding particular weight to Decker’s theme of time ticking forward while the characters stand still.

Lyrics for "Ghost Again"

so this is how it begins and ends again:
a solemn look from an old friend
an airport kiss before I tell you “goodbye” - one more last time
I see your face and, man, how nothing's changed except for everything
and we're not the same
an empty friend on an empty telephone line
I wanted to say that I’m not insane
I want to use my words impeccably.

I want to take back time,
what do I want you to say? well just say something.
we'll try to fill this space with something better than
a world that's full of lies

I want to see to you again and again...
I thought you were my friend,
but this just isn't right

you're a ghost again, and you don't see the harm in this.
you talk all this long shit, about having a heavy heart
but don't you tell me you've cried
’cause I’ve died at least a thousand times
it's so easy for you to turn your head and close your eyes
and I’m so tired of trying.

you left me up on that ledge with a rope on my neck
while you were standing there in your summer dress
come on and tell some more lies about some men you'll deny
or you could try out the truth and we could walk in the light.
you only come my way when you want something, well,
tell me, tell me, tell me, do you want some now?

I want to see to you again and again...
I thought you were my friend,
but this just isn't right

The CD release party for Decker's debut album "Long Days" is Friday, Oct. 2 at Ken's Creekside, 251 Hwy. 179, Sedona.
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