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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review of "In The Same Boat" on Decker's album "Long Days"

"Long Days" track #3. "In The Same Boat"

With “In the Same Boat,” the catchy drum line and guitar melody hooks the listener almost immediately before the drug-laced lyrics reveal the metaphorical intentions “Did you say, ‘it’ll never happen to me,’ then you say in all sincerity, ‘I want out, I want out.’”

As with the interlude “In Or Out,” Decker incorporates dual acoustic guitars, synthesizer, vocal echo effects and grainy overtones.

The narrative compares Decker’s life in and out of cocaine use with others who have found themselves suckered into similar self-destructive cycles of bad choices and drug use conflicting with dashed intentions.

“The lyrics are all about people who I’ve encountered that have ended up in these cycles of self-destruction, where life’s turned on you and you haven’t imagined yourself there before,” Decker said.

Of the three characters in the song: cocaine-addicted Decker, a pill-addled mother and a girl who cuts her wrists, the listener only knows that one — Decker himself — managed to escape the cycle of self-hate and destructive behavior. Perhaps it was because his desire wasn’t escapism or a long, slow suicide like the other characters but subconscious sadism, something more easily avoidable, “I’m such a sucker, a sucker for pain.”

The chorus “I want out. I want out.” echoes the unyielding desire to get out of that cycle once and for all while the stanzas pull listener back in.

The album’s most pop-sensible song, the cycles and eventual conclusion to them articulate Decker’s own struggle to pull himself away from self-destruction and become successful and artistically productive, metaphorically demonstrated in the mere existence of his debut album and clearly elucidated by the self-analytical song.

“It’s the easiest to like the first time you hear it,” Decker said. “There’s a real eerie feel influenced by female musicians like PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star and Portishead.”

Lyrics for "In The Same Boat"

Did you say, "it'd never happen to me?"
and then you say in all sincerity
"I want out. I want out."
they said, "hey boy, now don't you touch that cocaine."
I’m such a sucker, a sucker for pain.
I wanted out. I want out

want to paint a picture, of what life could be.
I look in the mirror and it's not what I see

said "hey momma don't you take all them pills.
can't you see what you do to this kid?"
you want out. I want out.
you hear that Sugar used to slit on her wrists.
ain’t that something - man, we were just kids.
she wanted out. I want out.

want to paint a picture, of what life could be.
I look in the mirror and it's not what I see

The CD release party for Decker's debut album "Long Days" is Friday, Oct. 2 at Ken's Creekside, 251 Hwy. 179, Sedona.
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