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Saturday, May 8, 2004

every day should sing like this

every day should sing like this
the pageantry of cities
swimming by tourists
drunk on summer conversations in april
bright shiny words or catch our eyes
costumes on skin, of skin
on a parade of genetic soup
in endless variety

every day should sing like this
where boys who should be brothers
reminisce over childhoods they could have shared
exorcise the pretty words
conjoining thoughts of hopscotch games
already pointless
boil down the bullshit
to its component parts
and only speak new things
shed free of the costumes and headdresses
so we are nameless

every day should sing like this
we pave streets with the should’ves and would’ves
let loose our insides to another
to cyclone leftward,
lift our skins back to Oz.
kisses that should be
gestate into gyrations of heartbeats
germinate across the carpet
leaving warm hands on hands
sweat and skin compacted tightly
and bare feet wading in shallow breath,
swallow from ear to ear
in another smile’s taste,
the alto and tenor shaking,
sharing harmonies like they should have
long before they forgot how to sing
dancing around the octaves with new resonances
beating forth the songs
of the next 100 generations in their smile,
pulled through hair and whispers

every day should sing like this
where new tribes dance
around new fires
on the laughing shadows of ancestral tombs
while new myths spring from shared tongues
and remixed memories
new loves replace ones misstepped before
and new starts from good endings

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