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Sunday, June 1, 2003

insomnia and no drugs in my system

still awake at 2:39 am

probably stay awake until 5:00

then go to work

on a sunday

supremely disconnected to it all

i have to keep reminding myself that this is real

what does that mean?

tv internet radio movies
give us a portal to view the world
safe at home on the couch
what happens when the portal sticks to real life
and we forget it's on?

i thought about driving off an overpass today
not that i suicidal or anything
not that
i just thought it would be interesting
maybe press pause halfway down,
rotate the camera angle
zoom in
zoom out
1st person
3rd person
press play and watch in slow motion
full speed
and reverse
then it hit me that this is real life
and that kind of mindlessness would get me killed

too many video games
it's all fucking with my head

i keep hearing commericals in my mind
as i walk at dawn from bed to bathroom
use scope
try aquafresh
tommy, by tommy hilfilger
dove 99.99% pure
do it the hanes way

where's the volume knob?
where the fuck is the reset button?

i keep hoping SARS hits the west coast like an a-bomb
sweeps east and turns NYC into a ghost town
refresh the old world too

we need a Stand to clear the palate

1 of 3 dead and gone?
i'll play those odds;
it's better odds than vegas
better than

at lease our generation will be known for something more
than the dot com bubble burst
we survived the second plague
now shut up and finish your cereal, kids
the whole world's 1/3 cleaner now
1/3 lighter
1/3 safer
1/3 quieter
and we know we're lucky to be here
because nature hit reset
before it was too late

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